Monday, February 28, 2011

And How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

How can you stop the rain from falling down?
How can you stop the sun from shining?
What makes the world go round? 

Isn’t it funny how you find out about things? She was thinking back as she folded the clean towels. A friend made a casual comment. She asked where she heard that. The friend said, well, someone said…and slowly the pieces began to fall into place.

Sometimes she still didn’t believe it. She never thought it would happen to her. She doesn’t even know the details. But it did. Trust has always been hard for her, in any situation. But for someone she actually trusted, to let her down, well, it was almost unbearable. She vowed, again, to never trust another human. Doesn’t it say that in the bible somewhere anyway? She’s sure one of her overzealous, pseudo religious, so-called ‘friends’ could quote it to her. They usually speak from both sides of their mouth, always spouting off about how she is supposed to be living her life when all along they should be practicing what they so self-righteously preach. Oh well, enough on that. Who is she to judge? It would make her the same as they are and that’s the last thing she’d wish on anyone.

She sighs and keeps on, like always. She thinks of all that’s happened and she really doesn’t have it bad at all, considering. Actually nothing much changed. Unless, of course, you count her metamorphosis. She became a tin man. Not a strong, sleek robot that can do anything. She’s a tin man like the one in the Wizard of Oz. She’s looking, not for Oz, but for a pattern. She needs to knit herself a new heart. Surely there’s instructions in a book or maybe on the Internet. If she knits it tight enough it won’t ever break again.
How can you mend this broken man?
How can a loser ever win?
Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again.

My sister and I and maybe Callye decided to do a little project this year. Once a month we are going to send each other something. It can be, but doesn’t have to be handmade. Since I was going to Lubbock on Saturday I planned and took my stuff for my sister, with me. I gave her the brown cowl, for January and a set of dishcloths and a potholder for February. That wasn’t in the order I made them but I don’t guess that matters! In return I got a beautiful pair of handbeaded earrings. That’s my January. I don’t know what February will bring yet. Now I’ve got to think of something for March!
Cowl with flower pin accent that I didn't give her! Not her style.

Two ballband dishrags and a magic potholder.
My beaded earrings. Green is my favorite color!

Knitayear is winding down. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year. Not many more days at all! Day 331, was February 25. I’m reluctant to go to Lubbock. It’s like going swimming. I don’t mind a bit after I get in but getting in is the problem. I know it will be a good visit and I do need to see my uncle in the hospital since he’s not doing well at all. I chose beige worsted. Saturday, day 332, is Feb 26. I can’t believe I almost forgot my haircut! Thankfully I texted last night and Carlos let me know we were on. I’m thankful he did that and thankful that Callye and the kids are going to Lubbock with me. It will be a long trip but we are all glad to see relatives and spend a little time together. All in all it’s a good trip. It was just long, especially with me driving in at 2:00 am. I’m just too old to be doing that! I picked hot pink, purple and red yarn with little puffs on it. Day 333, February 27, turned out to be a really sucky day. But even though I feel let down, I’ll live. And I’ll remember the lesson learned. It won’t happen again. Black yarn with primary colors sprinkled through is what I picked. Day 334 turns out to be a typical (bad) Monday. I do get to work at TTUHSC, so that’s good. I debated all day whether to go to the shrimp fest and finally decided. It was fun, and I was stuffed! I used yarn that is turquoise blue and yellow. All was going well until I drove home. I’ll have to write down February 28 as the day I tore up Bryce’s car. I hit something. Or it hit me. I never even saw it but it did some damage. I didn’t realize how much til I got home. I’m so disappointed in myself. I should have paid more attention and been more careful. I’ll get it fixed for him as soon as I can. I’m hoping this isn’t an indication of the week to come. I need something good to happen!
I can still feel the breeze that rustles through the trees,
And misty memories of days gone by.
We could never see tomorrow, no one said a word about the sorrow.

And how can you mend a broken heart?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick And Tired

I took a ride on a February morning,
Just getting over it and dealing with the mourning,
I started thinking out loud: I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired...

Yawn…I’m just too tired to move. I feel like it’s the first week or so of daylight savings time. I’m so sleepy I can't get up and get out of bed. I hit snooze then guess what? I’ve dozed enough that I have to really hurry. I think all day, how tonight I’ll go to bed earlier. Do I? No.

According to my doctor I need to sleep at the very least, seven hours a day. Yes, really, that’s what he ‘prescribed’. As an extra incentive he said sleep will help me to lose weight. I wonder.
But I don’t have time to sleep. I have things to do. There’s driving. There’s work, then chores. There’s supper, and dishes. There’s computer time. There are favorite shows and movies to watch. There are books to read. There are plans to make and dreams to dream. There are phone calls to receive and return. There is knitting to do.

I know there are ways I could operate more efficiently so I could get my seven or more hours of sleep a day and not be so tired. Unfortunately I’m not going to become some superwoman who plans menus, color codes, files, makes schedules and charts, and gets it all done. Actually I’m positive that no matter what, my closets, my house and my life will never be free of clutter or stress. There will always be something I didn’t get to. I’m no “Real Housewife of Crane County” in any shape or form.

I’ll rest a bit…yawn…then I’ll make a list…yawn…so that…yawn…I can be more competent…yawn…and productive, tomorrow…yawn…and get to bed…yawn…at a decent hour…yawn. Yes I’ll do that right after CSI…

I'm burning out now,
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

It’s been hot the past couple of days. I finished the brown cowl and I’m still knitting but I’m starting to wonder about some summer type patterns. Here's a quick picture. I'll post more later.
Knitayear isn’t a problem though. Day 326 is February 20. February has flown by! It’s Sunday and of course I didn’t get things I’d planned to do done. I did get some more yarn sorted and put in the cabinets. I will be really glad when it’s all organized and nice. I did a few other little things that didn’t really amount to much but it was something. I’m tired but that seems to be the norm lately. I googled reasons to be so tired but it was kind of depressing so I quit looking. But today was a good day overall and I chose a rainbow ribbon with some black in it. I’m especially fond of ribbon yarns for some reason. Day 327, February 21, is just another manic Monday! We had meetings all day. I chose some of the brown boucle from the cowl I was working on. Day 328, February 22 is a busy day. I’m finishing up some stuff for tomorrow for a presentation. I have an observation and then night class. My intern was very nice and invited me to his house to eat with his family. His wife fixed dinner, including dessert. I usually don’t bother to eat on night class nights. I chose a multi-color alpaca from my first WHIBSIB for today. February 23, day 329 is the birthday of a friend from college. I don’t know why on earth I remember that. It’s also the birthday of a girl I went first through twelfth grade with. That’s even stranger. Isn’t it weird the things that you remember? But ask me what I wore yesterday and I won’t know. Anyway, I had a presentation at a school district. It went well and I was relieved. I can breathe a bit easier now. I chose pink fun fur for the day. And finally, day 330, February 24, and this month is almost over. Does time pass more quickly the older you get? It seems that way a lot of the time. This was a catch up day in the office. I didn’t catch all the way up but I made a small dent. It’s a stressful time with cuts at our state agency and in education in general. I wonder if the governor doesn’t want to ensure that Texas is the dumbest state in the nation. I picked up carry out at JC’s for supper and went in and ordered so I could have a bellini. Worth it for sure! I picked a variegated cotton with purple, pink, yellow, green and blue yarn.
I drove home while exhaustion was setting in. Maybe bedtime will come earlier tonight. Who am I kidding? It will be 8:00 by the time I get there and I haven’t done a thing yet.

That left me all alone,
But I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I started thinking out loud: I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

In My Car I'll Be The Driver

In my car--I'm in control
In my car--I come alive and
In my car--I am the driver--watch me now!

Her fists were clenched, knuckles white. She was beginning to feel the tightening in her chest and it was getting harder to breath. Her stomach was churning and she was starting to sweat. She moved to the middle of the backseat and fastened her seatbelt. She put on her sunglasses and got out her knitting to have something to concentrate on other than the trip. She was a passenger of a crazy driver.
So it’s probably established that I don’t always like other people’s driving and what really makes me nervous is being the passenger. Sometimes I don’t have a choice. I have to ride with people who think they are great drivers. I don’t always agree. Here’s what I could offer if asked.
  • When you are driving on the Interstate it’s not a good idea to turn completely around to talk to the person in the back seat.
  • When your car starts the bumpity bumpity bumpity sound, it should be a signal that you are not in your lane.
  • When horns honk and people fly by with their fingers in the air it could mean that you almost hit them or just pulled out in front of them.
  • It’s not the best plan to stop in the middle of the road instead of pulling to the side to look at the map.
  • It’s probably not the safest thing to reach in your purse, which is in the back seat, to answer your cell phone or look at a text.
  • Making a U-turn is legal in a lot of places. Before you do, make sure you have the space and don’t have to back up into oncoming traffic to get back on the road.
  • If all the cars are coming towards you, it’s possible you are on the wrong side of the highway.
  • Look in your rearview mirror before you back up so you don’t ram the car behind you.
In the meantime, you can have the front. When I have to be the passenger, I’ll try to be in the backseat, in the middle if possible, hoping for side air bags, doing a full body tense and pressing an imaginary brake repeatedly. My knuckles will be white and my jaw clenched in fear. I’ll have my knitting or a cell phone or anything to concentrate on so I won’t know if the accident happens.

I have a great idea though. Just give me the keys and let me drive!
But in my car--I'll be the driver
In my car--I'm in control
In my car--I come alive and
In my car--I am the driver--watch me now!

Not you, not you, not you
Yeah, in my car I'll be the driver
Finished turquoise cowl, with pin.
Blocked, shown with no loops.
Turquoise Cowl, doubled with pin.
Knitayear is winding down. I’ll be finished in another month or so. But for now I’m still going. Day 321 is February 15 and another trip to Austin. The travel for work seems to come in spurts. I might not have to go anywhere for the next couple of weeks. But February has sure been busy. I’m going for something new at work and I’m glad to be included. I choose orange variegated flag yarn. Day 322, February 16, and I’m feeling a little more rested. I was so tired when we got in last night I didn’t even go shopping. That’s tired! I’ll make up for it tonight. We start out early and meet the rest of the group at the session. It’s interesting but I have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve heard the terms but haven’t been directly involved. I’ve got to sort out a bunch of acronyms and ratings and such. I’m a little behind but I will catch up. I choose a rich purple wool. Day 323, February 17, and the meetings are dragging. It’s my first but the others say it’s a repeat of a previous one. On the upside we are able to plan a lot for our ESC. Another plus, we are able to get on an earlier flight. Hooray! I’m feeling lucky about that and just about being where I am. I choose a pretty green with some colored flecks for today. February 18, day 324 is my Friday off. I love when that happens! I sleep in for as long as I want (or can). One of my coworkers is in town so I meet her for lunch. It’s a good thing or I may not have gotten dressed today. It’s a relaxed day. I choose a variegated purple, blue and green. Peaceful colors. Lunch is nice and even nicer is I get to drive back home. In my car. Saturday, February 19, is day 325. I worked on the yarn. I’ve got even more than I realized. It’s going to take me a while to sort everything. And then I’ll think I found all the blue and here’s another tub. I worked on that most of the day. Probably not up to standard but I’m doing it. I picked a bulky pinkish color yarn. I went outside today but I didn’t drive anywhere. It’s easy when you go places by yourself though. You always get to be the driver!
New brown boucle cowl. Plane knitting.

 I don't mind if you think you're the strong one, yeah
Oh, babe! It's okay!
And you can have your way, honey,
Even when you're wrong
I don't mind! Yeah, that's fine!

But in my car--I'll be the driver…

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ma Belle Amie

You were a child of the sun
And the sky and the deep blue sea

February 14, 2008 at 2:32 am our sweet Belle came into our lives. She was a healthy 7.6 pounds and 19.5 inches long. She had curly dark hair and big dark eyes. From that minute on she became our special Valentine!
New sister!
Belle is a well rounded little girl. She can pinch her brothers and turn around and hug them, all in the same minute. She can be a tomboy, right there in the mud or race around yelling. She can be a little diva in her frills and ruffles and jewelry. She can be a momma, taking care of all when someone she loves is sick or hurting. And she can be the little girl with the little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. But however she is, she’s our Belle, sweet, mean, mad, crying or smiling.

Belle’s mom says she’s a lot like me. I don’t know yet. There’s some ways I hope she is and there are a lot of ways I hope she’s not. We don’t really look alike but we both have curly hair. We can be mean girls. We can be nice girls too. We both love shoes. She even has a baby shoe rack hanging on the inside of her closet door and knows which pair she is going to wear, whether her mom agrees or not! She likes clothes and already knows to sqeee in delight at something pretty. She decides what she wants to wear and there’s not a lot of compromising. She knows what she likes! I think we will probably be good shopping buddies when she gets older. I know that whatever comes, she’ll be my sweet Belle, my baby girl and my beautiful friend.
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Happy birthday ma Belle amie! Mamye loves you!

I want to tell you that I adore you,
And always do.
That you amaze me, by leaving me now.
And start a-new.
Ma belle amie, I'm in love with you!

Now wouldn’t you want to get this for a Valentine’s present? Well, not unless you like yarn! But I sure wouldn’t mind having it. I wonder if I could make one. Creative!
It’s February 10, day 316 and I’m so relieved to be home. I’m still just tired and could stay in bed all day I think. Won’t get the chance but it’s good to be back. I chose thick aqua twisted with gray. Back to it today. It’s day 317, February 11, and it’s a peaceful day at work. There are not many people there and I can get a lot done. Leftovers in the break room for lunch so that’s good. Then Alan brought more leftovers for supper from another luncheon. All is good! I picked sinfonia blue variegated for today. I’m working on Saturday, day 318, February 12. It’s cold but they did remember to leave the door unlocked so I can turn the heat on for us. I’m content to get some work done and listen and hope my intern listens so he can pass his test! We end early and I’m able to take my friend for a late birthday lunch. It’s a good day. I chose a tan and white nubby yarn for today. Day 319, February 13, and I sleep late, again. I just can’t seem to get caught up. Or maybe it’s some new medicine. Anyway, when I finally get around I don’t do much. I should have gone to a funeral for a young man who used to live across the road from me. But it was just so sad I couldn’t do it. He was a soldier and it’s not known what happened yet. It’s just sad that such a young life is ended so soon. I choose camo yarn for him today. Day 320 is Valentine’s Day. It’s February 14 and my sweet Belle’s 3rd birthday. I can’t believe it’s gone so fast. She makes me feel loved. I choose pink worsted because pink is her favorite color. I want her to grow up and have everything she needs and most everything she wants. I want her to be kind and considerate, honest and headstrong in a good way. I want the best for her.
Finished cowl, except for blocking
Spread out to see the pattern.
Ma belle amie,
I want to tell you that I adore you,
And always do.

Ma belle amie I'm in love with you...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Everybody's Talking At Me…

I don't hear a word they're saying.
Only the echoes of my mind…

“Hello, this is Sandy Johnson from Coleman Company. I’m following up on the order you placed yesterday. You didn’t receive confirmation? I apologize. Yes. I’ll check on it and get back with you.”

“No mom. Yes it’s delayed, but it’s okay. Don’t worry mom. Yes, I have some money. Mom. There is food here. I’m safe. Mom. I’ll be okay.”

“Oh yeah, I’m on the road. What? No. Oh it’s not too bad. I’ve been across 12 states just today. Ha ha ha ha ha. But business is booming!”

“That was some party! Oh, bro, did you see Jaxon? Ha ha. Yep, fell right in the floor. People be stepping on that fool. I guess he be okay.”

“What? No! I thought you were still with him. No! When? I need the details girl!”

It’s a cacophony of words, laughter and voices. I’m reminded of the old days, eating in the school cafeteria with all the little kids busily talking at the same time. I look around and it seems that everyone is speaking into a cell phone. Actually it seems like they are all screaming into a cell phone. I decide to count how many people are around me. I count 22 people, 3 of which are texting and 16 of which are having conversations with someone. Maybe. I’m hearing what they call “halfologues”. That means only one side of the conversation can be heard.
I read not too long ago that a lot of people fake cell phone conversations in public places to get attention. If Joe Salesman is bragging about how much money he brought in last month then Michael Marketing may pull out his phone and brag about how much more money he brought in. They both may just be talking to the time and temperature number or nobody at all! Why? I mean, really, who cares?

Another thing the article said was that people tend to talk louder when on a cell phone than on a regular phone or in a face to face conversation. Really? There was actually a reason for this. With a regular old fashioned telephone, or landline, there is a microphone in the receiver. This mic amplifies your voice into the ear piece so you can hear your own voice, loud and clear. Cell phones don’t amplify your voice into the earpiece, so the only sound you hear is from your mouth. It doesn’t really seem like it would make a lot of difference, but hearing your voice through the air into your ear and hearing it from a speaker pressed to your ear creates quite a variation in volume. Weird, huh! I just thought the other party of the conversation was hard of hearing! Another reason? Some people, especially with smart phones, can’t see where or what they are supposed to be talking into so they yell, just in case. Funny!

Now they say there is a direct relation to how well you can concentrate on what you are doing or are supposed to be doing, when someone is talking on a cell phone near you. The part of your brain that processes speech is trying to make sense of the pattern you are hearing. Since you can only hear half of a conversation, your brain is trying to figure out how the other half is going. Therefore, we become distracted, because we are listening, trying to decipher, whether we want to or not, because supposedly, the average person isn’t able to block it out!

People watching has always been an interesting way to pass the time. When I travel I usually get a chance to do just that. Most of the time I knit while I wait, because, unless it’s something complicated I don’t have to look at what I’m doing so I can look around. It doesn’t require concentration. It also gives me something to do while I sit that’s at least a little bit productive. I’ve tried reading a book but I always get distracted. Now I know it’s because I’m really people listening as much as watching!

People stopping, staring.
I can't see their faces.
Only the shadows of their eyes…

So what is knitayear? It’s a project I read about in a tweet. The recipe is basic; cast on some stitches, knit at least two rows every day using a color that fits your mood or feelings that day. If you want, you can journal or blog as a kind of documentation of your feelings, creating a personal record of the year. I thought it sounded interesting, so I decided I was going to do it. And I still am!
The last far.
The whole time I was stuck at the airport last week, I had my knitting with me. I felt so bad, though, I didn’t get much done. It was Bryce’s scarf. I ended up taking it apart because it seemed to be pulling on the edge with the two yarns. I started it again and it doesn’t seem to be pulling like it was but I’m not happy with it. I think I’m going to end up doing it lengthwise instead. I started another cowl. I don’t know why but I really like those things. It’s simple and I’m kind of making it up as I go, using a little bit of a couple of patterns. Pretty color though, even if I end up taking it apart.
Making it up as I go.
Love the color.
 Knitayear is still going well. Day 312, February 6, and I’m pretty unenthusiastic about this trip. I’m still tired, still sick and I’d just rather stay home. But I don’t. I choose a shiny gray yarn. Maybe it’s my silver lining. Day 313, February 7, isn’t a bad day. I’m conscientious, making sure I do my part, simple as it is. And I’m enjoying the company. I really like this group of people and I’m glad for the time I get to see them. I choose old gold. Day 314, is February 8. I’m finally feeling rested. I am catching up and I feel refreshed. I’m getting more rest and even skip going out with the gang, much as I wanted to. I chose a light purple velour. Day 315 is Wednesday and it’s cold and wet again. It’s February 9, and I’m getting nervous as to whether I’ll get home or not. So far there are no delays and I’m crossing my fingers. I choose a bright variegated rainbow yarn. I wait with my dear friend Mindy and we people watch and listen because we can’t help it. And all goes well and we get home.
 I'm going where the sun keeps shining,
Thru' the pouring rain.
Going where the weather suits my clothes.
Backing off of the North East wind,
Sailing on summer breeze.
And skipping over the ocean like a stone.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm stranded at the edge of the world.
It's a world I don't know.
Got nowhere to go,
Feels like I'm stranded.

I was sitting by a man in the airport once and he opened his briefcase. Inside was a pair of underwear, mixed in with the papers. He glanced at me as he hurriedly hid them and I wondered why in the world he actually carried briefs in a briefcase. After this past week, I know!

My job requires that I travel quite a bit. Usually there are delays but it’s no big deal. In fact I get a lot of knitting done while I sit at airports, waiting. Getting through security is enough hassle though, without the chance that they might hold up a big old pair of panties for the world to see. So I don’t have any extra undies tucked in my carryon. In fact, it’s such a bother to have to take the computer in and out, find the baggie of liquids, etc., that I check everything I can. It’s less stressful for me to stand and wait for luggage than to drag extra bags around and try to shove things in the overhead compartment. After last week, when I inadvertently missed a flight, I find that maybe I should re-think this strategy.
I had no idea when I dressed to fly home from South Carolina Monday morning, that I would still be wearing the same clothes on Thursday. Missing that one flight started a domino effect with everything falling straight to the ground. When I went to the counter to ask what I could do, the man was very nice to me. He said, “I’ll do what I can, but this is a small airport and there aren’t a lot of options. If you have someone you could stay with here it might be best just to come back and start over again tomorrow.” I don’t know a soul in Charleston, so I toughed it out. There was a chance I could make a connection in Dallas. I took the chance.

When we were preparing to land in Dallas the flight attendant came on announcing all of the connecting gates. This was the latest information, or so she said. She went on and finally came to Midland, Gate 17. Wow! I do have a chance after all! I get off the plane and hurry to gate 17. The attendant took my boarding pass, started punching buttons and said here, it’s at gate 4. Hurry. So I did. I got to gate 4 to see the flashing ‘ready for take-off’, sign. I ask the attendant at the next gate if I can do anything. The plane was still at the gate. He tried, but it was too late. If I had known the right gate I might have made the flight.

He gave me a voucher to help pay for a hotel, and I was thankful for that. At least I didn’t have to spend the night at the airport. The shuttle arrived and the lady didn’t seem to speak English. She reminded me of Natasha Fatale from Boris and Natasha, of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons, except her name was Karen. She barely spoke. Another man got in, from Columbia, and he spoke limited English as well. It took over an hour to get to the hotel. It was only raining at that time and the temperature was still 48 degrees. I checked in and Natasha, I mean Karen, grunted me in the direction of my room. I went down the hallway she indicated and was outside. This was one of those hotels that opened to the outdoors. Yuck. Now I don’t stay in 5 star hotels, by any means, but I have gotten spoiled, especially in a big city, to hotels that open to an inside hallway, and not a parking lot. The room seemed clean enough but it had a funny smell. It was kind of like it had been a smoking room and now it wasn’t because it was covered up with incense. I think that’s what fueled my respiratory problems. Anyway, I survived and was in the lobby at 5:30am to go back to the airport. When I got there the shuttle hadn’t been started. The doors were iced shut. Natasha got hot water to put on the windshield. I was waiting for it to crack. The owner drove up and ended up taking me and the man from Columbia to the airport in his personal car. At least it was warm and 4 wheel drive so it may have been a better option in the long run. The roads were treacherous but we finally got there.
A frozen DFW in the 2011 snow storm.
The problem with waiting on a flight is you don’t know until it’s cancelled that it’s cancelled. I waited in anticipation as it was delayed, then rescheduled, then delayed, then finally cancelled again. I immediately went to get a hotel voucher and luckily Natasha’s place was full. I got a nice room at a different hotel. Waiting for the shuttle, however, was another ordeal. DFW is not equipped for passengers to wait outside for a shuttle in sub freezing temperatures. The wind was horrible and the cold almost unbearable. I had a scarf, hood and gloves but was still uncomfortable. The twenty minute wait went well over two hours. When the shuttle finally arrived there were two seats available in a minivan. There were 18 of us waiting. After much discussion about who would go, who was ill, who was old, who was born in Texas, (kidding), etc., I got in. Seriously, they were taking so long deciding that another lady got in and said we could be there before they decided. I honestly have never been so cold in my life.

This hotel was nice. I got a room and showered to warm up, got in bed, and went to sleep. I received a call from the airline at 4:30am that I was now on the 2:45 flight so I called the front desk and asked for a late checkout and was able to stay until 2:00. I felt bad and I slept for approximately 16 hours, and I think that is what probably kept me upright, and not sicker than I already was. Then it was like the movie, Groundhog Day, back to the airport for another cancellation and back to the hotel, including the horrid 2 hour shuttle wait. This time I went to the assigned room and opened the door about halfway. I see gym shorts in the floor and a back in a blue shirt and I start backing out. I just said I’m sorry and shut the door. He got up and looked out his window at me but I kept going! I got a new private room and went through the routine again.

By this time I was getting tired of the clothes I had on, even though I was able to bathe and wash out some essentials. I was just ready to get home. Thursday was the magic day when the weather cleared just enough to get our plane out. It was supposed to leave at 8:35am and we finally took off after noon. We sat, boarded, for over an hour, watching out the window, the plane next to us as they tried to push it back. The ice was so thick the wheels just spun. All of the passengers were getting worried when we finally pushed back and prepared for takeoff. I’ve never been so happy to be in the air!

Looking back, it was an experience I really wouldn’t wish on anyone. I was very fortunate, to get a room and have the means to eat and be comfortable. Well, as comfortable as one can be in clothes of four days anyway! I wonder how the poor people lounging in chairs under the thin blankets the airline gave out were faring. And I am glad I wasn’t one of them.

I'm stranded,
Between the devil and the deep blue sea.
There ain't nowhere else to be,
'Cept right here and I'm stranded.

It’s day 307, February 1, and it’s not the way I wanted February to start. I’m stuck at the airport and frozen, as well as everything else. Ice covers everything and the town is practically at a standstill. I choose variegated grayish green with white. Day 308 is February 2, and I’m getting a little nervous that I’m not going to get home on this day either. And I’m right. I chose pinkish gray wool. February 3, and day 309 brings another day stuck at the airport. I can’t believe I was so dumb to get myself into this mess. I’m anxious and hoping today is the day I can get out of here. Nothing against Dallas but I’d rather not camp out at the airport hoping for a flight. And finally, I’m on an airplane! My luggage is waiting at the airport when I get there and I go by the pharmacy and head home. I choose a bright multi color fun fur. It’s a good day! Day 310 is Friday, February 4. It’s my day off and I’m so glad! I’m relieved I’m home and able to sleep late and maybe get well. I still feel bad and have to get on a plane again Sunday. I picked a ribbon yarn that’s pink and turquoise and white. Day 311 is Saturday and haircut day. It’s February 5 and since I missed my appointment because of the airport I feel lucky to get in. It’s a late appointment and I’m glad because I’m still just worn out. Pink and green wool is the yarn I picked for today. I’m gearing up for tomorrow to take off again, this time to Austin. I’m apprehensive to say the least! But it will all be okay. I’ll get there and back. It just might not be on my time schedule!
Everyday, everyday,
It's hustle, hustle time, hustle time.
Everyday and every way,
One more, one more mountain to climb.

It's leaving me stranded...