Thursday, July 23, 2015

Color My World

As time goes on, I realize…

Here it is, summer already, and I’m finally taking time to think about spring. Time seems to move so much more quickly than it used to. We had more rain than usual this year. In the dessert, any moisture causes the ground to explode into a cacophony of color.

Moisture...started with snow.
Spring brings blooming flowers, singing birds and allergies! We start thinking about new beginnings. It makes most people happy. The many layers of winter are replaced with lighter, brighter clothes. The days are longer and we feel better. We want to do things. We want to move!

Early peach blossoms...and early peaches! night, with three blooms and up close.
Yellow...from the car but pretty.
Purple...wildflowers or weeds??
More yellow...there were probably three different crops of yellow flowers. light and Easter Eggs.
Enjoy the time. It’s a time of renewal. It’s refreshing. It’s a drink of water before the long hot days of summer; and it is a hot summer!

And dreams…

My online knitting group plays this great game called Texas Highways Dishrag Tag. Here are the instructions.

The team captain starts and sends a box to the first knitter on the list. That knitter then chooses one of the enclosed balls of yarn and knits a dishcloth for the next person on the list. They keep the second ball of yarn, any goodies that were enclosed and the new knitted dishrag as their gift. The box is packed with the cloth just knitted, two balls of yarn, goodies as the gifter sees fit and the finished dishrag.

We used a priority mail box from the post office, the kind that you can stuff as much as you want inside and only pay one price. That way everyone paid the same price to mail the package. It’s mailed priority mail and when you mail your box, you post a message to the list with a "Tag! You’re it!" and the name of the person you are mailing to. We had 3 groups with 5 ladies in each group.

I got my box off without taking a picture, but JoAn, the recipient, (who had picture trouble as well), seemed to like everything. Here’s what she said: “I got my package yesterday from Jayme, thanks, it was great. An orange and white dishrag and scrubber, a knitting journal, some luscious hand cream, two nice colors of dishcloth cotton, and a very nice note. I have tried to send a pic, but something isn't clicking on this computer..... The pics are in the photo gallery, but seem to be staying”

My prize. I used the orange yarn to make JoAn's prize.
Mine came and inside I found an amazing ‘Garterlac’ dishcloth and as a bonus, I also got an ‘Almost Lost Washcloth’ as well! There were also some great Werther's caramels. Stephanie H was even gracious enough to print both patterns for me!

It was fun. I hope we do something like it again, soon.

Color my world with hope…