Sunday, June 17, 2012

You Are So Beautiful

To me… 

She danced around the room, singing her songs. She sang, “You are so beautiful, to me-e-e-e”, ala Joe Cocker! I laughed, because it took me by surprise that she would know the words to a song that was introduced almost four decades before she was born. She struck a pose to hit the high note at the end and gave me a dazzling smile.
You are so beautiful...

Then she climbed in my lap. She put her little hand on my cheek and began to sing the song again. As I gazed into her ebony eyes, I believed every word she said. And for that little spot of time, I did feel beautiful. I knew she thought so. And I knew I held a special place in her heart, just as she holds in mine.

You're everything I need. 

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long between posts since I started blogging. I don’t know exactly what I’ve been doing that’s kept me so busy lately but it sure tires me out. There have been a couple of deadline projects at work. That’s a little stress. By the time I get home I don’t want to do much of anything. I’ll get something ready for us to eat and maybe do a load of laundry and I’m finished. If I get in my chair and get comfortable I’m all but done for the night. Sometimes I don’t even pick up my knitting. This too shall pass.
I love these stitch markers my friend Alice made!

As far as knitting goes though, I have just been working on the Clapotis for the KAL and am (finally) on the decrease rows. There’s a road trip coming up so I might be able to finish it. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the pattern. I also forgot that it seems to take forever! I don’t know what’s next but I’ll think of something I’m sure.
On the down side!
I’ve managed to do a little bathtub reading and finished a couple of books as well. Bathtub reading is one of my private little pleasures! If it weren’t for that I might not ever finish a story. Usually, if I pick up a book it’s a signal for people to start talking to me. It doesn’t matter where; at the airport, in the car, at home. That’s why I knit. I can listen and comment and don’t lose my place unless it’s something complicated.

My reading choices are simple books, mysteries mostly, easy no-brainer reading. The last three I read of course, had a murder. Would it be an oxymoron to say a homicide makes light reading? They are entertaining and the villain is caught in the end. And I like them.
Intellectual reading!

With heroines and sleuths like Cece Caruso, Sarah Boothe Delaney and Tinkie, and Gwen Katz, how could I not be interested? There’s a suspicious death on Kosher Karaoke Night, a missing 4 million dollar ruby necklace and a wrongly convicted criminal still awaiting parole after 40 years. If that’s not better, (and a lot more fun) than the daily news, what is? You can see, my literary choices run deep! Maybe I’ll go take a bath.

You are so beautiful, 
To me…