Monday, February 29, 2016

Lipstick Vogue

It's you, not just another mouth in the lipstick vogue 

When I talked to my daughter the other day I couldn’t help but laugh when she told her story. “Nobody” wound up her new lipsticks then put the lids back on!

A long time ago, “Nobody” lived at our house. I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I’d read an article though, that said if you needed any makeup at all it should be lipstick. So being a fashion maven wannabe, I got a couple of tubes. I just knew I was on the way to becoming beautiful.

Imagine my surprise when I took the lid off one I wanted to try. Instead of a nice firm stick with a point, or even a smooth flat edge, I had a mangled mess. The majority of the makeup was in the lid. I shook it and watched as the pointed end came out on the counter.

There are tricks to save the product should you want to Google and watch a video. But it’s kind of an overall pain. Even picking up the broken part leaves lipstick on the counter, on your fingers, and on your clothes should you forget and wipe your hands. It doesn’t wash off easily, either! It’s a slick, waxy mess.

I gathered the kids and asked just who had broken my new war paint. First, my daughter. "Did you break my lipstick?" She immediately burst into tears, started a tirade ranting how I always blamed her, it wasn’t her but it didn’t matter, I’d think it was and so on. It was a true adolescent female outburst. I listened for a bit then told her it was okay, I didn’t think it was her and the tears and wailing stopped immediately. Okay then. On to the next could be culprit!

It was my baby's turn. I asked my youngest son. He said, “Whut’s a lipstick?” with a goofy grin on his face.

Finally it was time to ask my oldest son. He said, “Wasn’t me!”

If you are an experienced mother or parent, what would you think? Who did it?

Yes, he did!

You say you're sorry for the things that you've done...

I’m still working on that February mood scarf. I won’t have it finished by the end of February, since that is today. But I will finish it.

Sometime last fall or so I ordered some yarn from a place called “Darn Good Yarn.” It’s a unique company that is designed to help the women of India and Nepal become autonomous and self-reliant. You can read about it here:

Check out
I had some pillows that needed re-vamping so I used some of my yarn, mixed with other yarn I already had and transformed them!

Not bad I guess!

It's you, not just another mouth in the lipstick vogue...

Thursday, February 18, 2016

All About that Base

I'm all about that bass… 

I take my lunch to work quite a bit of the time. It’s not for health sake, although I’m sure it might help. It’s not even for economics. Mainly it’s for mileage. I will go with someone if asked but I really don’t want to drive.

Every morning I drive approximately 45 miles to work. It’s not a bad drive, at least compared to most, and my usual time is between 45 and 53 minutes. That’s according to a message on my phone every morning. It’s a lightly populated area except for a small stretch around 10 miles, or eternity, depending on the day. That area is stressful if not deadly. Apparently traffic signs and common sense don’t apply to the south edge of the city. People completely ignore stop signs, pulling out into oncoming traffic at 75+ mph, going a mere 10 mph. One would think that having a semi-truck or other automobile descend upon the bumper of their vehicle would warrant pressing the gas pedal just a little harder. Not usually. The oncoming traffic is forced to brake, switch lanes, curse, yell and gesture at the offender only to have them zoom past a few minutes later. Surely there’s a physics lesson in there somewhere that wasn’t included in their driver education.

At work I have the luxury of having a little fridge at the corner of my desk. It’s mainly for snacks and drinks. Occasionally you’ll find a couple dozen eggs when the chickens are laying. Sometimes it’s like my home refrigerator. There was a bottle of out of date salad dressing once and some molded cheese another time that got stuck behind something else and out of view. Mostly, though, it’s for short time items, like lunch.

The ritual at meal time is to get my lunch, grab my bowl and spoon and trudge down the hall to the break room. There, I wait in line for a stinky microwave. There are three of them and depending on the day, it can take up to ten minutes, just to warm up the cuisine de jour. Then I’ll go back down the hall to my office-closet and eat at my desk. I know you aren’t supposed to but I prefer it to the odors and cacophony of the ‘coffee cup.’ Nothing is worse, however, than to get to the middle of the previously cold or frozen entrĂ©e to find it’s still in that state, either ice cold or frozen. Yuck. I don’t want to journey back down to the malodorous cooking machines so I’ll either stir it around to make it warm enough to finish or lose my appetite.

After Christmas one of the ladies I work with brought a ‘lunch’ crock-pot to work she had received as a gift. It was great! She brought her food in the little pot, plugged it in when she got to work and by lunch time it was nice and hot. She can either eat it straight out of the little container or she can put it in another bowl. It’s amazing!

My friend and I decided that was what we needed and each got one very similar to hers. We bring food, plug it in and have a piping hot meal without using the putrid public microwave. Rinse (or not) when finished, take home then repeat for the next day! The only drawback we have found is that our lunch crocks have the cord attached to the outside bowl. The other lady has one that fits on a base so she can leave that part at work and just bring the crock container every day. That would be a lot more convenient than hauling around a bowl with a cord hanging down the side. It actually winds around the bottom nicely but when you unplug then have hot food there’s not a way to manipulate without the possibility of a frightful burn; so the cord hangs.

But I have a solution! I have ordered us both a new lunch crock with the base. We are excited and can’t wait to get our new machines! After all, it’s all about the base, the base, no trouble…with cords and such. Right? Enjoy your lunch!

You know, I'm all about that bass…

I saw a February project the other day that was interesting. I told my knitting friends, Miya and Kerri and we decided we’d try it. It’s quite a bit like my knit-a-year project I did a few years back but this one is a scarf. You pick your colors, one for each mood you might encounter, and then knit about 2.5 inches each night. You use the color of your mood that day.

I picked some very unlikely colors. All are sock yarn, variegated. I kept it simple, with only four skeins. There is a black/gray one that I can use as sad or angry, frustrated or disgusted, or basically a bad mood. I have a purple/blue one that will be for happy and energized. There’s an orange/blue one I’ll use for a calm, serene, or a content mood and finally, a green/brown one as tired or blah. I cast on 40 stitches on a size 9 needle. I chose the linen stitch for the scarf. It’s working up nicely but it’s taking quite a long time to knit the section each night because the yarn is so thin. I’ll finish it but I’ll think twice and use a thicker yarn next time!

All about that bass.