Monday, May 3, 2010

The Long And Winding Road

That leads to your door, will never disappear

The odometer said 956 miles. And it was 956 miles of fun! It takes some time to get to Austin. Every so often my phone would ring with Brenda’s burning question, “Where are you now? Are you almost here?” Therese and I would laugh because we were on the way and had been for a long time, but no, we weren’t almost there. Finally we were almost there. With the help of the handy Garmin, which I’ve named Cheree, we spotted the hotel. We were actually greeted at the door! We took our stuff to our respective rooms and headed down to where the action was! We quickly settled in with a little wine, a little pizza and some yarn.

The weekend passed much too quickly. We head home with many memories.

Always Alice, awesome, absorbed

Buda, beautiful, Brenda

Crochet, cupcakes, chatter

Drinking wine, delicious, dazzled

Enchiladas! Enable, excellent, eating!

Found treasures, friends, fun

Girls night out, good times, Garmin

Having fun, helping others, heart to heart, Hill Country Weavers

Ideas, incredible, interesting

Just so lucky, jackpot, java

Knitting, knitting, knitting, Knitting Nest

Laughing, lace, laptops

Mods—Linda and Nicki, Alice and Vicki, many, machine

Nice time, new friends, necessary

Old friends, observe, obsessed

Pie!, Project bags, Projects

Queen mother JoAn, quick, quest

Raglan, radio, random

Spinning yarn, spun yarn, socks, shawls

Touching yarn, telling secrets, top down, Therese

Unbelievable, ultimate, ultra

Vicki the CAB, victory, volume

Won prizes, wonderful women, white dishes, WIPs

X-tra special, X-citing, X-trodinary!

Yarn, Yarnorama! Yellow Sweater

Zesty, zippers, zeal

Now we wait, patiently, until next year.

My knitayear is in the second month. I’m thinking pink must mean happy to me! I chose pink today, (Saturday) because I was happy to be with friends and excited for the day and the adventures to come. Sunday brought the drive home and more beautiful wildflowers. I can’t get enough! Every time I see them they bring joy to my eyes, my heart and my soul. I had a red, yellow and pink ladder yarn that reflected the colors of the wildflowers on this day. Monday it was back to reality. I was tired and had a lot to do at work. I chose a thick yarn, gray, pink and light orange. It reflected my mood that varied throughout the day. I was mostly happy, a little ambivalent and a little sad, the after WHIBSIB blues! Keep on knitting.

The long and winding road
I've seen that road before.
It always leads me here. Lead me to your door.


  1. I LOVE IT! awesome post, enjoyed the photos and word play!

  2. I love your blog, Jamye! You are a beautiful soul and I love the way you write. Good on 'ya!

  3. Love this post, Jamye! I really enjoy your blog and love the way you write. Good on 'ya!

  4. Love your blog! I noticed your new background so found me some & fancied up my site too.

  5. Thanks! It's been fun so far. I can honestly say it's harder to blog than knit!