Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick And Tired

I took a ride on a February morning,
Just getting over it and dealing with the mourning,
I started thinking out loud: I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired...

Yawn…I’m just too tired to move. I feel like it’s the first week or so of daylight savings time. I’m so sleepy I can't get up and get out of bed. I hit snooze then guess what? I’ve dozed enough that I have to really hurry. I think all day, how tonight I’ll go to bed earlier. Do I? No.

According to my doctor I need to sleep at the very least, seven hours a day. Yes, really, that’s what he ‘prescribed’. As an extra incentive he said sleep will help me to lose weight. I wonder.
But I don’t have time to sleep. I have things to do. There’s driving. There’s work, then chores. There’s supper, and dishes. There’s computer time. There are favorite shows and movies to watch. There are books to read. There are plans to make and dreams to dream. There are phone calls to receive and return. There is knitting to do.

I know there are ways I could operate more efficiently so I could get my seven or more hours of sleep a day and not be so tired. Unfortunately I’m not going to become some superwoman who plans menus, color codes, files, makes schedules and charts, and gets it all done. Actually I’m positive that no matter what, my closets, my house and my life will never be free of clutter or stress. There will always be something I didn’t get to. I’m no “Real Housewife of Crane County” in any shape or form.

I’ll rest a bit…yawn…then I’ll make a list…yawn…so that…yawn…I can be more competent…yawn…and productive, tomorrow…yawn…and get to bed…yawn…at a decent hour…yawn. Yes I’ll do that right after CSI…

I'm burning out now,
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

It’s been hot the past couple of days. I finished the brown cowl and I’m still knitting but I’m starting to wonder about some summer type patterns. Here's a quick picture. I'll post more later.
Knitayear isn’t a problem though. Day 326 is February 20. February has flown by! It’s Sunday and of course I didn’t get things I’d planned to do done. I did get some more yarn sorted and put in the cabinets. I will be really glad when it’s all organized and nice. I did a few other little things that didn’t really amount to much but it was something. I’m tired but that seems to be the norm lately. I googled reasons to be so tired but it was kind of depressing so I quit looking. But today was a good day overall and I chose a rainbow ribbon with some black in it. I’m especially fond of ribbon yarns for some reason. Day 327, February 21, is just another manic Monday! We had meetings all day. I chose some of the brown boucle from the cowl I was working on. Day 328, February 22 is a busy day. I’m finishing up some stuff for tomorrow for a presentation. I have an observation and then night class. My intern was very nice and invited me to his house to eat with his family. His wife fixed dinner, including dessert. I usually don’t bother to eat on night class nights. I chose a multi-color alpaca from my first WHIBSIB for today. February 23, day 329 is the birthday of a friend from college. I don’t know why on earth I remember that. It’s also the birthday of a girl I went first through twelfth grade with. That’s even stranger. Isn’t it weird the things that you remember? But ask me what I wore yesterday and I won’t know. Anyway, I had a presentation at a school district. It went well and I was relieved. I can breathe a bit easier now. I chose pink fun fur for the day. And finally, day 330, February 24, and this month is almost over. Does time pass more quickly the older you get? It seems that way a lot of the time. This was a catch up day in the office. I didn’t catch all the way up but I made a small dent. It’s a stressful time with cuts at our state agency and in education in general. I wonder if the governor doesn’t want to ensure that Texas is the dumbest state in the nation. I picked up carry out at JC’s for supper and went in and ordered so I could have a bellini. Worth it for sure! I picked a variegated cotton with purple, pink, yellow, green and blue yarn.
I drove home while exhaustion was setting in. Maybe bedtime will come earlier tonight. Who am I kidding? It will be 8:00 by the time I get there and I haven’t done a thing yet.

That left me all alone,
But I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I started thinking out loud: I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired.


  1. I know what you mean about never having enough time. I think that even if I gave up my job, I'd still never have enough time to do all the things I want!
    BTW, I love your dress form! It's really cool. I'd love to have something like that to model my garments on for photos!

  2. oh girl, I love the cowl! and your bowl of beautiful knitting noodles! I hear you about the tired but omg, I am feeling so good...I'll send you a few packs of my Sparks when my packages come in...I feel amazing, and I'm not kidding...if I didn't have somewhere to go in a bit I'd go out for a manic walk :) feel better!

  3. @Sinéad...Women have two or three jobs their whole lives!

    I actually have three of those dress forms. Accidentally. We have a store called Tuesday Morning that sells overstock, etc. I had ordered one from Penney's, on sale, when I went in there and they had two, for even less than the one on sale. So I grabbed all three!

  4. @Brenda...Thanks on the cowl! I guess since it's getting warm I'll have to find some other obsession! ha ha Can you believe March 31 is a year on the knitayear?

    I'm interested in the Sparks...I need something to light a fire under me!