Thursday, August 18, 2011

Well, Excuse Me, But I Think You've Got My Chair…

No, that one's not taken, I don't mind
If you sit here, I'll be glad to share…

The other day, on a trip for work, I had what I think could possibly be the rudest thing ever, happen at the training. It involved a chair, or rather lack of one. Actually, the whole trip was a little bizarre. It was a bad chair day to say the least! But to keep it short, I’ll leave out some of the details.

There is a team of four of us in Austin for training. We arrive at the training a little early to allow for catching up with friends across the state. There are a lot of my work friends there. I’m always happy to see them. We visited and caught up and then it was time for the session to start. I headed towards the table where my team is sitting. Surprise! There are only three chairs and the three chairs are full. There are no empty chairs anywhere close. Nobody looks at me or says a word so I go across the room to sit by my friend. (Hmmm…this could be a whole other blog post!) And no, although rude, this wasn’t the rudest thing ever.

The updates begin and we regroup after break and my team makes sure to invite me to the new table. We have a great discussion and then it’s time for lunch. We all leave our materials at the table.

After lunch I go back to the table to sit down and there is a woman in my chair. She has pushed all of my belongings aside and put her things there. There are no other empty chairs at the table. Immediately she starts telling me she didn’t take my chair. She said she had pulled up a chair for me and some man took it. Really? I just looked at her. I picked up everything that was mine and moved to another table. I was not going to argue with some rude woman over a chair.
One of the people on my team started texting me, saying I shouldn’t have gone, that I had been there first and I needed to come back. That wasn’t going to happen. If taking the chair was that important to her, she could have it.

The rest of the training was uneventful. Soon it was time to leave. As I was standing outside waiting for the van, I noticed the same rude woman talking to one of the team. I hoped she might go away, but lo and behold, she was riding with us to the airport! It turns out she used to work where we do, and knew a member of the team. She was loading her luggage and as I climbed in the van I asked if I needed to give her my seat. I probably shouldn’t have said anything but I was a bit put out by the whole situation.

She got in the van and immediately started explaining again, how she hadn’t taken my chair. She’d pulled up a chair and some man took it. Oh wait, second try. She’d pulled up a chair but the man said I didn’t work there now and didn’t need it. Oh wait, third try. She’d pulled up a chair and some man just came over and said I left and took the chair while she was trying to tell him it was taken. Right. Decide on a story and stick to it or better yet, give it up already. I just said forget it and ignored her, the rest of the way to the airport.

In reality, none of the chairs belonged to any of us. But if you have been sitting in the chair, have all of your belongings there, including a nametag, it’s close to being ‘your’ chair. The way I see it she took my chair and ‘some man’ took hers. My things were there and she moved them to make room for hers. There was plenty of room and she should have pulled up a chair for herself and left mine, since it was already taken. She should have gotten up and found another chair to replace the one she decided she wanted. She should learn how to play well with others. She shouldn’t be so rude. And she should never try to sit anywhere close to me again.

Well, excuse me, but I think you've got my chair…

I should grab the knitting when something like that happens. Something upsetting or stressful I mean. But it’s not always understood by everyone that knitting can be a calming influence. It is for me and I’d do a lot better in many areas if I could knit all the time!

Speaking of knitting, Bryce will be in Germany this term for school and he wanted his scarf finished before he left. I finished but it was a bit short so I’m adding some at each end. I think it looks okay but I’m not convinced he shares my opinion. I also finished a short scarf or neckwarmer for him to take back.
Both ends with added looks right to me!'s gonna be cold in Germany!
The ends again.
Modeling...this can be wrapped tight or left long
Up close view
It’s funny, the things that stick with you. I actually woke up from a sound sleep the other night, furious with the rude woman, who is Pamela, by the way, thinking of all the things I should have, could have said to her. I suppose if you just think rude things to say but never actually say them it’s not nearly as bad. By keeping my mouth shut I didn’t stoop to her level. Well maybe, but only in my mind!

Oh, I like you too, and to tell you the truth
That wasn't my chair after all.


  1. I LOVE THAT YOU ASKED HER IF YOU SHOULD GIVE HER YOUR SEAT IN THE VAN!!! Yes, the all caps was intentional. I was yelling that. Wish I could have seen you!

  2. Some people don't have any home training...

  3. Hmmmf glad you said something  love the scarves bunches!

  4. I'm so happy you stood up to her, I'm such a loud person I would have made such a scene. And I love what you said in the van, get 'em girl!