Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Special Angel

You are my special angel 
Sent from up above. 
The Lord smiled down on me 
And sent an angel to love… 

My precious first grandson recently turned 8 years old. It hardly seems possible that he can be that age already. Just the other day we were all in the delivery room. My daughter’s husband was in the Navy so her dad had agreed to go in the delivery room with her. He does that farm/ranch type stuff so giving birth would not gross him out or anything. I, on the other hand, was prepared to stay in the waiting room. I’d packed a bag of yarn and had some knitting needles and was content to build a nest in the sitting area and wait til all was done. I’d waited with them in the labor room and the doctor came and they were moving her to another room. I gathered my knitting and was walking the other way and the doctor said, "This way mom." Wait. What? This way? As in the delivery room? I don’t think so. He said, "Yes, you too."
The smiling birthday boy!

The delivery room was nothing like I’d experienced when I’d had her. This was an ordinary ‘hospital’ room. Maybe they called it a birthing room. I’m not sure. But there was a TV and the bed, a vanity type thing and a chair. I put my knitting in the chair and squashed myself against the wall. I was fairly sure this wasn’t something I wanted to witness.

I remember Law and Order was on and the Doctor and my husband were taking turns watching the television and comforting/tending to Callye. I was still back out of the way, as much as I could be since we were all in the same room, when suddenly things began to happen. I moved a bit so I couldn’t see anything I didn’t want to see. Push, push and he was here!

The doctor did his thing, let Callye have a look, gave E to the nurse and she wrapped him in a blanket and in turn handed him to me. Yes, here he was. My firstborn’s firstborn, fresh out of the oven!
Sweet baby boy!

I don’t know if that’s the reason or if it’s just because he was the first but we have a bond. Don’t get me wrong. All of the littles are special. Unique and delightful individuals, they are all happy to see us when we go over or they come here. The other two love the visit but are ready to go when mom and dad come. But if given a choice I think E would just as soon stay here permanently!
Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails...

Of course he’s not always an angel. He’s a typical little boy, mischievous and full of energy. Even though he’s getting to that stage little boys get to when they don’t want you to hug or kiss them, he still has a hug for me every time I see him. I know that probably sooner than later there will be a time when he will want to be ‘cool’ and not have his Mamye cuddle him in public! I have a feeling it might still be okay when it’s just us. Until that time comes though, I’ll hug him when I can and let him know I love him always.

The smile from your lips brings the summer sunshine. 
Tears from your eyes bring the rain. I
I feel your touch, your warm embrace, 
And I'm in heaven again… 

I finished the shawl except for (surprise) blocking! That’s this weekend for sure because I have to get it in the mail. Of course I saw something that doesn’t look quite right to me. I don’t think it’s a mistake, just a little loose in one spot. I think I can fix it and nobody will notice.

I had a request for another rainbow scarf, just like the one I made at Christmas. Easy enough, so I got started. I ran into a problem though. I forgot which yarns I used! It’s a scarf where I gather different textures and colors. I started it but it didn’t look right. It was pretty but it was too dark or something so I took it apart.
What it is supposed to look like...and what it looked like.
But I needed something for TV knitting so I made a quick colorful cowl out of some self striping sock yarn I had. It’s not very big but I like it and it can be folded over and pinned if I needed it to be warmer. While that was going on I gathered yarn that I think will make a close copy of the original rainbow. I hope anyway!
Quick and easy.
A little self striping sock yarn and a little cowl!
It’s back into the routine (or drag) at work so there’s little time (or energy) for things I want to do. I think about it but I’ve not been very productive. Good thing I didn’t make any resolutions!

We’ll see the littles in a week or two. That’s something to look forward to!

You are my special angel,
Through eternity.
I'll have my special angel,
Here to watch over me...


  1. What a sweet post! He is going to treasure it when he is old enough to realize how special it is.

  2. Happy Birthday to E and may he celebrate with you every year! Back in my day, giving birth was between me & medical personel. I learned the newer setups 21 years ago. Love the cowl.

  3. Happy Birthday to E. Our third grand (a girl) turned 9 yesterday.

    I was just outside the delivery room when the oldest (her sister) was born almost 15 years ago and got to hold her fresh born. That was a wonderful thrill.

    They grow up too fast!!!

  4. Lovely post. You have a great grandson. I don't think I could have gone into the delivery room! love the cowl, too.

  5. Sweet story. Your grandson is a doll. Love the cowl. I'd like to know details on that one!

  6. Thanks everyone! E is special for sure!

    @Beverly...the cowl was mostly just something to do! I had a small skein of sock yarn, about 145 yards. Cast on 125 on a size 8 and just knit til I ran out. It could have been a little bigger but I really like it. It's almost like a necklace!

  7. I always tell Bern he reminds me of the little duck on cartoons. He saw you first and said Mama!!

  8.'re his mama! I'm his Mamye!

  9.'re his mama! I'm his Mamye!