Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Rain, The Park, And Other Things

Flowers in her hair, 
Flowers everywhere… 

It’s amazing what a little rain can do out here in the dessert! It doesn’t mean we are out of the drought by any means. But it’s so nice to see green everywhere, and some colorful flowers, wild or not.
An oasis or a mirage? A secret spot at the ranch!
The duck found it!
Blooming cactus...or cactus blooming!
With temperatures already breaking into three digits, it won’t last unless it really rains. Not just a little either. We need a substantial rain.

Until then, enjoy some pictures of spring. After a little moisture, that is!
The Mesquite tree budding is the sign spring is really here.
Somewhere along the highway on the way to Austin.
Are they Poppies? I don't know.
This is what the flower looks like up close.
Yellow flowers on the highway.
Can you see the 'bug' on the flower? Don't know how I captured that!
Sunflower? Yellow Daisy? Black Eye Susan?
Another 'wild flower' or weed...depending on your perspective.
Trumpet vine on my deck. Blooming!

Bluebonnets on the highway by the house
We really think we 'planted' these Bluebonnets by the highway by the house. One year we spent a LOT of money on wildflower seeds. Those suckers are expensive! The front acres were plowed and the seeds were planted. It doesn't rain much out here but when it does? It's what they call a gully washer! That means it rains really fast filling up ditches and flooding the road and land. All of the sowed seeds washed down the road and into the bar ditch. Did anything come up at the house? Nope. But all down the road there were assorted new flowers. The Bluebonnets come out in a little patch about a half mile down the way. They are over a little bump so you have to know where to look. The patch has steadily expanded. Most of the others didn't last but the Bluebonnets return every year.
They bloom even in the dessert. With a little water!
State flower of Texas!
They are a lot prettier in the Hill Country at my friend Beverly's house!

Not my picture. Picture taken on Mach Rd, on the Bluebonnet Trail near Ennis, TX by David and Eileen Ng
Even the ordinary weeds are viewed as wild flowers out here
And all I had left was one little flower in my hand...

On the knitting front, I finished the Small Shawl. I think I keep calling it a Simple Shawl, but the pattern is really called Small Shawl. It is simple though! Just no-brainer garter stitch in a rayon boucle yarn, although any yarn will work. I think maybe I’ll start a crochet project next, just for something different.
I like this as a scarf.
Shawl draped. Looks light and lacy. Look here for other creative ideas!
I finished a book called ‘Thai Die’, by Monica Ferris. It’s part of a series with a a needlework shop owner, Betsy Devonshire, being the amateur sleuth who solves the crimes. In this story, one of the ‘Monday Bunch’ regulars has just returned from a trip to Thailand. She brings back souveniers and gifts for her friends. She’s also agreed to deliver a small statue of a Buddha to an antique store back home and shows the gang. This kind gesture leads to adventure, robbery, theft, a blizzard and a giant angora rabbit! It was entertaining with enough action to keep it interesting.
Thai Die. See what others are reading here.
I’m off to look through the yarn stash to find something bright and pretty. Maybe something that looks like flowers.
Wow! Where did all this come from? DFW Fiberfest!
This is cheerful!
From two if by hand at the DFW Fiber Festival.
I love the flower girl.
Was she reality or just a dream to me?


  1. Your simple small shawl is very pretty. Looks so delicate and soft too.

    1. Thank you! It is pretty soft. Rayon boucle so the drape is really nice.

  2. Loved all the photos of flowers. So pretty. The Small Shawl is lovely. The colors of Fiberfest yarn make my fingers itch to knit with such beautiful yarn.

    1. Wish we had the Bluebonnets like Beverly. I am still deciding what to do with the Fiberfest yarn. I think I know then I see another pattern! Thank you on the shawl!

  3. Rain? You need rain? Oh come over here quick! It's been raining for two weeks solid here. And hailstones too for good measure. Please take it with you!!! :)

    1. Well, maybe not the hail! Seriously, I've never seen so many dead trees, shrubs and lawns. We are under severe water restrictions out here...two hours of hand watering between 8 and 10 at night on certain days of the week...all kinds of stuff like that! The grass is always greener!

  4. Wow! I saw my bluebonnets. LOL. Love the small shawl.

    1. Yours were so much prettier than mine! Do y'all have to mow that when the flowers are gone? Thank you on the shawl!