Sunday, June 17, 2012

You Are So Beautiful

To me… 

She danced around the room, singing her songs. She sang, “You are so beautiful, to me-e-e-e”, ala Joe Cocker! I laughed, because it took me by surprise that she would know the words to a song that was introduced almost four decades before she was born. She struck a pose to hit the high note at the end and gave me a dazzling smile.
You are so beautiful...

Then she climbed in my lap. She put her little hand on my cheek and began to sing the song again. As I gazed into her ebony eyes, I believed every word she said. And for that little spot of time, I did feel beautiful. I knew she thought so. And I knew I held a special place in her heart, just as she holds in mine.

You're everything I need. 

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long between posts since I started blogging. I don’t know exactly what I’ve been doing that’s kept me so busy lately but it sure tires me out. There have been a couple of deadline projects at work. That’s a little stress. By the time I get home I don’t want to do much of anything. I’ll get something ready for us to eat and maybe do a load of laundry and I’m finished. If I get in my chair and get comfortable I’m all but done for the night. Sometimes I don’t even pick up my knitting. This too shall pass.
I love these stitch markers my friend Alice made!

As far as knitting goes though, I have just been working on the Clapotis for the KAL and am (finally) on the decrease rows. There’s a road trip coming up so I might be able to finish it. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the pattern. I also forgot that it seems to take forever! I don’t know what’s next but I’ll think of something I’m sure.
On the down side!
I’ve managed to do a little bathtub reading and finished a couple of books as well. Bathtub reading is one of my private little pleasures! If it weren’t for that I might not ever finish a story. Usually, if I pick up a book it’s a signal for people to start talking to me. It doesn’t matter where; at the airport, in the car, at home. That’s why I knit. I can listen and comment and don’t lose my place unless it’s something complicated.

My reading choices are simple books, mysteries mostly, easy no-brainer reading. The last three I read of course, had a murder. Would it be an oxymoron to say a homicide makes light reading? They are entertaining and the villain is caught in the end. And I like them.
Intellectual reading!

With heroines and sleuths like Cece Caruso, Sarah Boothe Delaney and Tinkie, and Gwen Katz, how could I not be interested? There’s a suspicious death on Kosher Karaoke Night, a missing 4 million dollar ruby necklace and a wrongly convicted criminal still awaiting parole after 40 years. If that’s not better, (and a lot more fun) than the daily news, what is? You can see, my literary choices run deep! Maybe I’ll go take a bath.

You are so beautiful, 
To me…


  1. Glad to see you back at your blog! I've missed it.

  2. Love the stitch markers, pretty! Your clapotis is coming along nicely, not long left! I haven't indulged in bathtub reading for years now! I used to do it all the time when I was young and still living with my parents. Friday night was bath/book night. I loved that quiet time.

  3. You need to get in the tub again! Especially after a stressful day...or week! Thanks on the stitch markers. I really like them and probably need more! ;)