Saturday, November 10, 2012

You’ve Made Me So Very Happy

I chose you for the one...

My blogger friend, Frugal Mummy, recently posted Ten Things that Made Her Smile. She invited others to join in. Well, it took me forever to write it up, but I thought of ten things, I put in alphabetical order, that make me happy. I thought it would be very difficult. It wasn't as hard as I thought after I got started.  

Lighting candles make me feel cozy.
I have them for every occasion
Fall is my favorite season. I like it all; the colors, the smells, the chill in the air that warrants a sweater but not a jacket.  
From our Vermont trip a few years ago

Flowers remind me of my grandmother. I could never have a flower garden like she did. I don’t like to get my hands dirty! I plant things in my pots on the deck and celebrate my single blooms!
My cute little zinnia I grew from seed. Then the cat used the container for his bathroom. :(

I like food. I like to cook it. I like to eat it. I like to try new things but fall back on my comfort foods for…well, comfort!  
We are one of those weird families who take pictures of their food and put it on Facebook!

Music keeps me company. I know a lot of the lyrics to both country and rock songs and I sing with the radio in my car. I hum along in my office. I’m really quite good!
Anything goes. Well, except Rap. And maybe classical. I like things with words...that I can understand.

I recently moved to a corner office. Doesn’t that sound impressive? It’s not, believe me! It’s at the intersection of two halls. But the best thing about it is that it has a door! And that makes me happy.  
Is it pessimistic to look at the door as half closed most of the time?

Old tv shows and movies are entertaining and I enjoy watching them. They aren’t violent and scary, like the programs today, even when there’s a murder.
Give me Jessica Fletcher, Perry Mason and Andy Griffith anytime!

A quilt on the top of a bed makes me feel welcome and reminds me of summers spent with my grandparents.
Old quilts, hand quilted.

The Littles have the best hugs and kisses! They love me unconditionally. They truly think I’m great! They make me smile. I know as they grow up and get busy I won’t be in the spotlight. So I’ll enjoy it now, while it lasts!
One of my favorite old pictures. This was when Belle was born. But they are still glad to see me!

I have more yarn than I can ever use. That’s hard to say! In knitting talk it’s called a stash and when you have as much as I have it’s called SABLE. SABLE means Stash Totally Above and Beyond Life Expectancy. My kids will have a heck of a garage sale one of these days.
Just the tip of the iceburg...or is that yarnburg?

Now it’s your turn. Tell me ten things that make you happy. It will make you feel good. And it’s not hard at all. Leave your list in the comments or leave a link to your blog post. That would make me happy!

You’ve Made Me So Very Happy...


  1. Like you
    1 My children (all grown up now but capable of making me feel teh greatest love, and sometimes sadness)and the grandchildren
    2, candles (specially those by Dyptique)
    3, My stash (definitely large and will be a trial for my kids one day)
    4, flowers (in my garden and buying them from florists)
    5, Quilts (making and using them)


    6.My Husband of 35 years
    7, Knitting (I'm sure you meant that too, perhaps included in your stash)
    8. Holidays on a quiet Greek island
    9, Warm spring days
    10, Reading (novels mostly)

    1. Great list! And it made me realize some things I forgot...husband, reading, knitting!