Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pancho And Lefty

Living on the road my friend,
Was gonna keep you free and clean...

Maybe that should be 'Poncho' and Lefty!

I overheard this conversation at work the other day:
Fashionista 1: “Well, apparently I’ve never met a poncho I didn’t buy this year. I love them!”
Fashionista 2: “I know! Did you see the one Fashionista 3 had on today? It’s beautiful!”
Enter Fashionista 3, 4 and 5: “Oh”, altogether, reminiscent of high school speak. “I love your poncho!”
Fashionista 4: “I got mine in Austin. They are all the rage this year!”

Isn’t it funny how all the old things become new again? Well, not all things I suppose, but some things, definitely. For instance, it’s just as cool to have an ‘old’ car as it is to have a brand spanking new one. Of course it has to look and act like it did when it was fresh off the showroom floor.

Then there is the cycle of fashion. Take the poncho for instance. They have been around for centuries, and were usually used for warmth or to keep dry. Basically it’s a big piece of cloth with an opening in the middle to allow placing it over the head. The past couple of years, again, a poncho has become a fashion statement. But they aren’t like Clint Eastwood’s. Gone are the heavy, blanket style ponchos of long ago. Now the choices include any number of delicate fabrics and alluring styles. These new wraps can be adapted for all sizes and any situation. And they complement just about everybody.

My first poncho was a not so successful home-ec project. My teacher had us make ponchos out of burlap. Yes, you read correctly. Why? Economics perhaps. I don’t know, but who, (in their right mind) would (or could!) wear a scratchy piece of burlap? I completed (and passed) that assignment then promptly stuck it in the giveaway bag! Maybe that’s why sewing and I never made a perfect pair.

Since then I’ve knitted and crocheted ponchos though. I’ve finished them for gifts and for myself. I made one for Belle, with a matching hat, when she was tiny. Trouble is, I made it really big so she just grew into it at Christmas this year. I think she looks cute as can be in it. I’m not so sure her parents agree!

After witnessing the conversation at work I went home and found one of mine. I wore it the next day and people asked where I got it. That’s always a good sign I think, if they don’t know it’s ‘homemade’.
I don't even know what pattern I used.

It's about 10 years old I think. Warm too!

I also just finished a new one, called a Shoulder Cozy. I like it because it can be worn as a cowl or a small poncho.
I made this out of Red Heart Boutique Magical.

Worn as a cowl. I little thick in back but doable.
So for now I’ll just grab one of my ‘fashion’ ponchos and throw it on with a pair of jeans. Or if I need to dress it up I’ll wear it with nice pants or a skirt. And I’ll be so chic!
I like the yarn and the end result. I'd make another.

This can be worn many ways also. I think it's just a big folded rectangle.

Then in a few months, when they are no longer in style, I’ll put them all back in the closet and keep them there until they are all the rage again!

They only let him hang around 
Out of kindness I suppose.


  1. Love your "new" poncho! See, you were and always will be cool. :)

    1. Ha ha Jen! Thanks! It is funny to pull out something old and have it be new again!

  2. Your new one is so cute, and the neckline on the blue one is beautiful. I bet those girls are so jealous.

    1. Thanks! The blue one is very versatile. You can turn it any which way. I just noticed I used the same picture (almost) twice! Oh well!