Saturday, May 11, 2013

Say You, Say Me

Say you, say me; say it together 

Another funny thing happened during the door debacle at Callye’s house. Loud noises startle people. When that happens sometimes an expletive pops out. We may (or may not) have uttered a couple of words not used in everyday conversation, especially when there are Littles about.

After things settled down, while waiting for cookies to bake, Belle came to me. Looking straight at me with her big almost black eyes, she smiled and asked: “What does fark mean?” My mind started whirling. Oh my goodness. Fark. Does she mean fart? She couldn’t mean another ‘F’ word, could she? I didn’t say that at the huge bang, did I? Surely not. Maybe. If I’m honest I have to admit it has happened. But I don’t think it happened today. Oh no.

Beautiful Belle and the lispy Barbie!

Trying to deflect the conversation I said: “Fart? You know what that means silly girl!” No, she said. “Fark.” “Fart?” I asked again. “NO! FARK!” Okay. I’m trying to think, wondering how to explain that sometimes big people say bad words, but little people never should, when suddenly I have another idea. Hoping for the best I say, “Where did you hear that?”

She holds up the Barbie type doll she has in her hand, presses a button somewhere and the doll begins to sing a song. It’s a bit garbled and hard to understand but there it is. Fark. The doll plainly says something that sounds like fark.
The infamous singing Barbie!
Whew. That was close! Relieved, we listen again and again and finally decide the doll is singing the word Spark, albeit with a Barbie lisp.

The real words to the song!
But it goes to show that they hear everything! So be careful, especially if you’re startled and accidentally say “Bleep”!

Say you, say me; say it for always 
That's the way it should be 

It was a great weekend for a knitting get together. It’s an annual thing that we call WHIBSIB which means what happens in Buda stays in Buda with Buda being the name of the town where we gather. It’s ladies from across the state and we laugh, eat, knit, swap stories, yarn and books, win prizes, give prizes and just generally have a great time. There weren’t as many of us this year as usual but we still managed to have a great time!

Here we are at dinner! 15 of us anyway.
I started a quick knit on big needles. They laughed at some of my big needles but I like them. Instant gratification!
Giant needles!!
Say you, say me; say it together 


  1. What a funny story! Good thing you thought to ask where she heard it! LOL