Thursday, January 19, 2017


And she made promises
That she could never ever keep 

January is a time for goal setting. It is a time of pondering; new beginnings, improving any and all things that come to mind, accomplishing unobtainable objectives within ludicrous time limitations. It’s a time of resolution.

I gave up resolutions a while back. Although my intentions were always good, my actions seldom reflected what I wished to achieve. I started strong with energy and determination. Within a few weeks I had succumbed to the easier route, the no effort routines of which I was accustomed.

Enter the concept of the ‘word’. Do you remember PeeWee Herman when he had a Saturday show called PeeWee’s Playhouse? It was a little creepy because his character was a little creepy, but it was kind of fun in a weird way as well. The episode started out with a Secret Word that was revealed to the viewers. Whenever the word was heard everyone was supposed to scream and make a fuss throughout the episode. I’ve wondered how effective and also a little fun that might be if a teacher used it to reinforce vocabulary. I taught high school and I think even the tall third graders, which I determined high school students to be, would have enjoyed this activity. Anyone can learn and if the learning is fun it will stick a lot longer. That’s my opinion and I’ve digressed. So I’ll get back to the post. 

Choosing a word for the year made more sense to me. I like words that I describe as ‘all-encompassing’. What I mean by that is that they may be used in different ways. I like words that are nouns and verbs. I like words that can even be adjectives if needed. Last year my word was ‘Stop’. Someone asked me why I’d choose a word like that and there were many reasons, none of which I felt like sharing.

This year my word is ‘Act’. Dictionary says take action; do something, behave in the way specified, a thing done; a deed, a pretense. Fairly broad in content, but it captures my state of being for now.
And she made promises 
But they were all just lies 

The messy-bun hat, pony tail hat, hat without a top craze, whatever you might call it, hit here at home as well as everywhere on the internet. It started when some innocent girl posted a picture she had seen on FB and stated she wished she knew how to make one. I got the picture numerous times asking if I could make one. It’s a hat without the top few rows, so yes, I can make them. The girl who actually created the hat apparently saw the craze her picture started and vicious yarnies came out of the woodwork. They practically crucified the admirer of the original picture, accusing her of plagiarism, etc. Lesson learned: Beware of people who play with string and pointy sticks.
My friend Elizabeth modeling the hat with the smaller opening.
My baby manchild proving that it could just as well be a manbun hat!
A Google search brings a plethora of patterns; some free and many with a slight charge, each with a minute difference over the others. I have crocheted and even sold several. My favorite is this pattern I can’t make one in less than 2 hours at all but it’s a nice pattern and uses some bulky yarn I had on hand for some reason or another. The other one I like, with regular worsted weight yarn is variations of this pattern. It has a larger opening at the top. Aren’t my models great?
I told you I've made a bunch. I have many more.
Breaking her promises 
Disappointment runs deep

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