Monday, April 25, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Hoppin' down the bunny trail,
Hippity hoppity,
Easter's on its way!

Happy Easter! It was a long weekend so we decided to go to Ruidoso. We have a place up there and wanted to check on it to make sure all was okay. I wish it was closer because I sure like it up there. Evan wanted to go we picked him up in Seminole.
Callye's cookie...too pretty to eat!

As we got closer to Ruidoso it was depressing to see the damage the recent fire left. The once green trees were just burnt sticks standing on the top of the mountain. We saw how close the fire had come to people’s homes. We saw where one house had stood, now just a pile of charred ashes, with warped metal that were cars, sitting nearby. It was sad.

It was still light when we got to the house. As always we went in and looked around to see if anything has changed since the last visit. Alan turned on the water and the hot water heater and I put our things away and started to gather things for supper. They made a quick trip to the store to pick up the few things we needed while I began to cook.

It is always such a peaceful time there. The weather was so nice. It’s still dry, as is everywhere around here and the fire danger is high. But the pine trees and the clear mountain air were refreshing. The house has a great deck and E can go outside and play. We hang out there a lot. We cook out there and even eat outside sometimes.
Sky through the pines.
The deck
The neighbor's bear.
Alan picked up some corn and a bale of hay so the deer might come up because E likes to see them. Sure enough, at dusk, there they were. The dogs were locked safely on the deck so they couldn’t cause a commotion.
Hay for deer.
Where's supper?
Time for a nap!

Later that evening we played games and watched TV. Alan went to bed early and E and I stayed up watching Spiderman, the movie. I’d never seen it but he had and filled me in on every detail!

We all slept in the next morning, at least at late as the dogs would allow. I started the coffee and E and I had a cup. He loves to have coffee with me. His is half a cup of milk, one Splenda, and coffee to fill the cup. He calls it Doctor coffee (doctored coffee) like my kids did when they were little. We had breakfast while Alan got caught up on some much needed rest.
Picture of the dogs Penni took in the office
Later that afternoon we had to make the mandatory trip to ‘Walmark’. E is a shopper and he figures if he’s alone with Mamye and Pap he’ll make the most of it! I had promised him a toy so he went to get what he wanted. He picked it up and showed it to me. I glanced at where it had come from (I thought) and saw 19.99. I thought it was a little steep but decided he’d been really good and what the heck, it was only money, so told him okay. Alan kind of glanced at me like I was looney but then he does that a lot so I didn’t pay much attention. We got the rest of the things we needed and headed back up the mountain.

In the parking lot E was so excited about his toy, some kind of spy watch that took audio and video, and asked me if it cost the same at Seminole. I said yes, it was 19.99 there too. Alan said I think you’d better look at the receipt. I did and guess what? The toy was 49.99. I wondered how what I’d bought added up so fast! Oh well, it’s only money and E will certainly get that much enjoyment out of it.
$50.00 spy watch!

As is always the case when you are enjoying yourself, the time came to an end too quickly. Getting things ready to go always seems to take so long. We change the sheets, clean the bathrooms, wash the towels and sheets and anything else that needs washing, do the dishes, clean the kitchen, mop and vacuum. That way if anyone else goes up there everything is ready to spend the night. We sometimes rent it out since we don’t live there full time.

We start home and E immediately says he’s starving, probably to death, if we don’t stop at McDonald’s. He’s such a funny little guy! We stop, get some chicken nuggets and he’s okay for a while. He sleeps some, I knit and Alan drives.

When we got to Seminole, Callye had fixed a wonderful Easter dinner for us! We had roast with tiny potatoes and carrots and mushrooms, roasted asparagus that she’d cooked in brown paper bags, broccoli slaw, pasta salad, hot rolls and for dessert, strawberry shortcake! Everything was delicious. The kids then went out and hunted eggs. It was a bit later in the evening than our traditional activities but it was still a lot of fun. She made a platter of her beautiful Easter cookies and sent them home with us.
Carrot cookie with no icing
Easter platter from Callye and family
Little Easter lamb!
All In all it was a great weekend with plenty of rest and relaxation. I knitted on a bias shawl with some of the yarn I got from DFW, Brooks Farm, Ellie. I actually finished but want to get some beads for the fringe. I’ll post a picture later. I got the rubber tiles needed to block my other shawl but haven’t done it yet. I thought about hauling it all with us but decided I wouldn’t have enough time. Turns out I probably would have. I’m finishing up a toy ball for E and then will start something. I don’t know what yet, but I’ll be doing something!
Brook's Farm 'Ellie'
Wound for a Bias Shawl
I’m thankful for the time we got to spend together and enjoy each other as a family. And if some jelly beans or chocolate bunnies or Easter cookies get thrown it it’s even better! I know what Easter is really about. And I’m thankful. Hope your Easter was happy!

Bringin' ev'ry girl and boy,
A basketful of Easter joy!
Things to make your Easter
Bright and gay!

Hippity hoppity,
Happy Easter Day!


  1. Happy Easter. I'm sad we couldnt go, but we're liking our chickens...It's even funnier that he asked about costing the same in Seminole. Price is why he always gets the big NO. He's probably going to thing everythings cheapear in Ruidoso from now on!

  2. Love the treats and hey your pets rock... Does your neighbor ever ask you to feed his pet? LOL wonderful blog today... but the best of all is the yarn - omg it's beautiful.

  3. @SweetSugarBelle...wish you had all been there too. Was glad to spend a little time with y'all. And we had a blast with E!

  4. @Evielynne...The neighbors probably wish we'd feed the bear instead of the deer! The yarn worked up well. It's a thick and thin and I hope to get the beads soon so I can finish it up!

  5. Sounds like a lovely break! But whoah, €50 for a toy watch? Still, you're right, it's only money, and I bet he'll get great fun from it. I love the photos of the deer, it's cool to see them so close to the house!
    But the Easter Cookies win the prize with me. They are amazing! It must take ages to make them, and lots of hard work! I especially love the lamb. :)

  6. @Sinéad...I guess since the watch was for a grandson instead of one of my kids it's okay! Playing like it is anyway! The deer are amazing. They just flock to the driveway. Thank you on the cookies! My daughter has a blog if you want to see more of her amazing creations!

  7. Love the cookies & the yarn & the watch is awesome!! Lucky little grandson!