Friday, April 29, 2011

Wild Thing

You make my heart sing.
You make everything groovy,
Wild thing…

I saw an ad on the side of my Facebook page the other night about 100 things to see or do in Midland/Odessa. (Now that I want to see it, is it there? No!) While I was sitting here in bed, not feeling the best, I started thinking about things I might want to do but most likely would never do. (I say most likely because you never can tell!) I came up with a few wild things I’d do if I was brave…or someone else! Here you go.

1. I’d have tattoos…yes, more than one but they would be in places that required an invitation for viewing. And they wouldn’t be of ‘normal’ tattoo things. I saw one once that was really cute and I asked the girl if I could use it should I ever decide I wanted to. She said yes, but not to copy it exactly. Anyway, it’s a mummy and the mummy is knitting with a string from her leg. I thought it was hilarious! She said she designed it because she’s the ‘mummy’ at her house and is a knitter.
Original tatoo from Jenny Lee on Ravelry.

2. I’d buy some killer shoes that cost $500.00 or more and wear them proudly. I wouldn’t blink when I paid. They’d look good, too, and they would never hurt my feet!
Jimmy Choo...not in this lifetime!!

3. I’d sing Karaoke. I’d get up and sing and I wouldn’t be scared. I wouldn’t mess up either. Both of my boys have done this. In fact Bryce does it regularly. Don’t know about Callye.

4. I’d put a pink or blue steak in my hair. Well maybe not blue because I’ll be the old lady with blue hair soon enough!
Drawing by Evan. Streaks by me! ha ha

5. I’d bungee jump. And I wouldn’t have to go to the hospital afterwards.

6. I’d be in a play. A big one that a lot of people came to see. I’d act in my role, and not be inhibited. (Hmmm…am I noticing a trend here? Do I secretly wish I was a star? Ha ha)

7. I’d be someone important. I know lots of people who are very important, in their own minds! I’d really be important, though, for the day anyway! In my own mind!

8. I’d get liposuction. I’d only do that if I was wild. I hate needles.

9. I’d get a fancy sports car and drive fast. But not to work. If I had enough money to get a fancy sports car I wouldn’t have to work!

10. I’d go to Mardi Gras. I’d have a lot of beads that I didn’t have to buy at the souvenir store! Ewww….
These are actually Ty's. I'm not asking what he did to get so many.

This isn’t a bucket list. I think a bucket list is things you want to do before you die. Chances are I wouldn’t do some of these things even if I could. But then there is always that chance! So fess up! What’s one of your ‘wild’ things?

Wild thing, I think you move me
But I wanna know for sure

I was looking for a new project the other day ran across a pattern on Ravelry that is a woven ball. I know you’ve probably seen them in stores, made of plastic. I worked on some of the strips at the fiber fest because it’s kind of mindless knitting, except for keeping count of the rows. It was hard to explain how the strip I was knitting was going to turn into a ball!
Six strips. 20sts wide, 68 rows long.

I finished all the strips and put one together and it turned out really cool. It was a fun knit and since I have a lot of scraps this is a good way to use them.
First step. Weaving four strips together.
Finished ball. Cool!!

I got the beads for the bias shawl but haven’t put them on yet and I’m still gearing up to block the crocheted shawl.
Beads will be added to the fringe on each end.
I guess I’m getting a bucket list of knitting, things I need to finish before I die! And if I wanted to add knitting to my ‘wild’ list I guess I could always knit a wild bikini!

Wild thing, I think I love you.
But I wanna know for sure...

Oh come on, come on wild thing.
Check it, Check it wild thing.


  1. Oh I loved this blog today - had me laughing, saying ahhh's and oh cool all with in seconds from each other!! You did good...


  2. Girl, karaoke at summer conference is ON!!! The hotel has those little private rooms, and this past summer even I had the nerve....

    And who knows, maybe a tattoo is in order too... what happens at summer conference stays at summer conference, right? (Or is that just Vegas?)

  3. Lol! Loved your list of things you would do, I think even if I were super brave, I still wouldn't bungee jump or get a tattoo. I'm such a chicken.
    Your woven ball is really cool, that would make a great baby gift! I must check it out.

  4. Oh I love this whole blog but I really want to make they ball now! Can you post the link to the pattern?

  5. You ARE a wild thing!! LOL. Mine is your #6. haha. Love, love , love the ball. I found it on Ravelry.

  6. Hey Wild Thing.....nothing wrong with alittle blue in the Pink on the other hand........

    Go for it!!!

  7. I;ve done 4, 6, 7 & 10. And depending on how fancy the car, possibly 9. (Don't own them but my parents own BMWs.) In fact, I'm getting ready to put blue in my hair again before MakerFaireNC in June :) I think I've had just about every colour possible, although I did stick to red and purple for a long time, then I had no hair at all for 4 years (for medical reasons) and had to fake it with hats (see pic). Now I have red and purple glasses and matching is hard so blue it is :)

  8. The boy who sat behind me in freshman English class (the one I had a huge crush on) would sing that softly while he kicked my desk, just to make me blush! That was my favorite song for years! Thanks for the giggles.

  9. @Miss Bee...I'd need a lot of liquid encouragement before I could karaoke! But I'll have a good time watching! ha ha

  10. @Sinéad...I think I could probably get the tattoo before the bungee jump! The ball is on Ravelry. Try it! It was fun.

  11. @Laura...Thanks! It's on Ravelry. Try it and let me know how it works out!

  12. @Bev...Moi? ha ha!

    If you can waltz across Texas (or square dance) you could be in a play!

    Thanks for posting the link!

  13. @Always...I think I can get a little clip on piece and then I can have hair of many colors!

  14. @Sick Chick...Was all your hair bright colored? How fun! I guess you could do half red and half purple?

    Your hat looks great. I had a friend with the same problem (no hair) and hers has all grown back thankfully.

    Thank you for stopping by!

  15. @justthreadtwiddling...That's funny! Thanks for stopping by!