Monday, June 13, 2011


And so it goes,
As the wind blows,
The seasons will flow…

The dirt is on the move. Yes, the wind is blowing again today. I look outside and see my neighbor’s yard fly by my house! I invite you in and you can leave me a note on the television, the table, the window sill and even on the floor. There’s dust everywhere! It wouldn’t matter if I rushed around wildly with the Pledge. In a few hours there will be a light powder covering all exposed surfaces.

Out here things seem to lean. We can tell which way the wind blows most often because the trees slant that way. We just deal with it. You have to put your head down, sunglasses on, and lean into the wind. Our chickens even lean when the wind is blowing. I heard once that if the wind stopped blowing out here for half a minute all the chickens would just fall over!
A tree in the front of the house

Don’t worry about your hair. Just step outside and you’ll get a new hairdo! You’ll get dirt in your eyes and sand up your nose. Keep your mouth closed or your teeth will be gritty. Hang on to your belongings. If the wind gets hold they may end up in the next county! And heed the skirt alert. We don’t all make a pretty picture like Marilyn did!

There’s no ‘cool breeze’ to this wind either. Temperatures are already three digits and it’s not even summer yet. The rainfall, none since October, is in the negative numbers, measuring less than zero. Walking outside is like opening an oven door. Add the sandblast and it’s not a pleasant experience.
June 8 at 6:00pm

Is there any relief in sight? Not until we get a break in the weather. I heard the news call it ‘global weirding’ because of the extremes across the states. While we are hoping for rain others are hoping it will stop. We all just take it, one day at a time.

And so it goes,
As the wind blows.
The seasons will flow,
To help you through your birth,
As you spend your time on earth.
In the wind.

Sometimes summer knitting is a challenge for me. Out here, especially, even a light scarf can make you sweat! I knit in the air conditioning most of the time so the knitting isn’t hot. It’s just the finished projects! I did get some fun yarn on a trip recently. I just don’t know what to make with it!
Thomas Kvist Lambada, 165 yards
Kind of like light ribbon
Mango Moon Chakra, 75 yards
Built in beads...a necklace type thing maybe?

Any ideas?

And so it goes,
As the wind blows.
And so it goes,
As the wind blows…


  1. Haha. The picture in my mind of the chickens made me smile. And your yarn made me drool!!!

  2. They do look funny! Any ideas on what to do with the yarn?

  3. I do not, do not, do not miss the WIND! I remember it very well though. Hopefully when it does rain, and it will rain again it just has to sometime, it will be enough rain so that it doesn't just rain mud!

  4. ooh lovely yarn! Maybe trimming for the top of a felted bag? And the dust? Seriously, that's daily? OMG.

  5. What about a pillow?

    I remember walking to classes during duststorms - I never learned.... DON'T WEAR LIPGLOSS DURING A DUSTSTORM!

    Nothing like licking your lips and getting a gritty mouthful!

  6. Beautiful yarn! To reply to your comment you left on my blog....I live South of Vernal about 2 hours. Yes! it is pretty here, you just have to know where to look!