Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We Are The Champions

I've paid my dues,
Time after time.
I've done my sentence,
But committed no crime.
And bad mistakes?
I've made a few.
I've had my share of sand kicked in my face.
But I've come through…

My good fortune isn’t always that good. If I buy a raffle ticket, more often than not I end up donating my money to whichever fundraiser is going on at the time. I don’t get picked. My lucky number isn’t drawn. A one in 50 chance for me is the same as a one in 50 million chance. In fact, although I probably have, I don’t remember ever winning a prize, especially not recently. That said, you can only imagine my surprise when Jaqi at il filato dolce wanted to let me know she had nominated my blog for a Liebster Blog award!

What is a Liebster Blog award you might ask? Basically it’s an award given to bloggers who have less than 300 followers. I am honored to receive this award! The Liebster Blog award is not only an award you receive but it’s also a reward to give. I Googled, and found these rules:

This award is meant to highlight small blogs. The blogger receiving the award links back to the blogger who awarded him/her. Then, in the spirit of sharing, the awardee is asked to pay it forward and honor at least 3 fellow bloggers with under 300 followers. 
(I did want to mention there is no obligation to continue this award.)

I’m choosing to continue the award, so with no further adieu, I want to nominate 3 of my favorites.

Miss B is a colleague and a friend. Her blog, That Cat By The Bar, is unique, entertaining, funny and creative. Her writing style is engaging and easy to read. She is honest and speaks from the heart. I’ve learned some things and am often reminded to count my blessings! I smile a lot when I read her blog. I hope you will too.
That Cat By The Bar

Robyn, from Coffee and Cotton, is a knitting friend. She is one of the most creative people I’ve ever run across! She can cook, sew, knit and is a graphic artist. She’s a supermom, super grandmom and super daughter. It seems like she can do anything! She has a wicked good sense of humor and besides coming up with the most entertaining titles for her posts, has great pictures. I enjoy reading her posts, and appreciate her sharing mentions of her family and heritage. Take a look!
Coffee and Cotton

Last, but certainly not least, is a blogger from the ‘other side of the pond’! Sinéad of Knit, Inc., lives in Ireland. She’s another talented knitter. She has lots of yummy finished projects to look at. She’s even designed her own pattern! One of the things I really enjoy is when she reviews a new knitting magazine. She lays it on the line! I don’t remember exactly how I ran across her blog but I’m sure glad I did. Hop over and see what she has to offer!
Knit, Inc

The Liebster Blog award may not be a big deal to some but I can tell you, it made my day. I felt like a champion! I hope it makes someone else feel that way too. Thank you Jaqi!

We are the champions, my friends.
And we'll keep on fighting, til the end.
We are the champions,
We are the champions!
No time for losers
Cause we are the champions, of the world!


  1. Oh - you're so sweet! Thank you! You are very deserving of this (and many other) awards. If I didn't like you so much, I totally would have stolen the practice of using song lyrics in every post. I love how you do that!

  2. Oh! Thanks so much for the nomination and the kind words! *blush* The feeling is mutual. :)

  3. Awesome and well deserved. You'd have alot more followers if more knew about you. You have a wonderful writing style! Will check out your friend...already love my Robyn!