Saturday, July 16, 2011

In Fort Worth, Dallas or Houston…

or in San Antone…

It’s doesn’t matter where, but this time, Dallas it is. I’ll be there for a few days for a conference. This trip has added benefits in the fact that my friends from across the state will be there. I can contact any of them by email, telephone or text, but we don’t get to meet in person often, so we take advantage of the opportunity when we can.
Education Service Center Regions in Texas

We’ll, laugh, joke and learn from each other. We started as a group of strangers and we’ve become a group of friends. These are the people I depend on when I have a problem in the program I work with. I have no qualms asking dumb questions. Sometimes I get dumb answers in return but most of the time I get new ideas, new information and new perspectives or find the answer that was in front of me the whole time.
It’s not often a group forms the dynamics we have, especially with the distance involved, and it is a real pleasure. I’ll be surrounded with support and encouragement. I’ll bring it back with me and hope it can last until the next time we meet in person.

In Beaumont, Lubbock or Austin. Or in El Paso…

In Fort Worth, Dallas or Houston. Or in Abilene…

I tried something new the other day. I just happened to see an advertisement for a crocheted bead bracelet class. It was my week off from work so I made arrangements to go. When I went in to register and got a look at the bracelet, it wasn’t what I had thought. In fact, it looked really simple to put together. And it was. I had to string the beads that were in the kit before I got there and bring a crochet hook.
Beads strung on cord
There was no pattern. Instead we got spoken instructions. I didn’t mind that but some of the finishing techniques were new to me and I’d have liked a written copy or a picture or something to make sure I can do it should I try another one. The crochet part was simple. It was chain for about four and a half inches with a bead in each chain. Then there were three single chains, without beads, and another section of four and a half inches with beads. This continued until the cord ran out.
Crochet bead chain
Putting it together wasn’t all that hard either. What I found out is that I can’t see! I really couldn’t see the ring to open it or to put it on the beads. I couldn’t see to add the charms. I didn’t even know I couldn’t see what I couldn’t see! I got a little help from the instructor on that part.
Charms might not have been exactly where I wanted but since I couldn't see...

The end product didn’t look bad at all! I enjoyed the class and hope I can participate in more. Maybe my next class should be one of those eyeglass holder necklaces, with some new glasses attached!
Finished product!
The arm isn't so great but the bracelet is!
I hope I can meet with my peeps again soon. Anywhere.

In Wichita Falls or Waco or San Angelo…

Somewhere round about Fort Worth Dallas or Houston or ol' El Paso…


  1. It's easy being a friend with you!

  2. See you tonight! We are leaving in about an hour....

    I need to see what kind of crafty classes I can take here. I'm sure they are offered... I've been trying to find an upholstery class but none ever fit with my schedule.

  3. I absolutely love your bracelet!