Friday, July 8, 2011

Mother’s Little Helper

What a drag it is getting old…

Mother needs something today to calm her down.
And though she's not really ill,
There's a little yellow pill…

As I was searching through my purse for something for a headache, my friend leaned over and pointed to a purple pill in the bunch and asked if it was for the stomach. I replied yes, it was, and she grinned and said she took that one too. Next she identified a pink and white capsule, then a round yellow pill. She pulled out her bottle and pointed out an oblong yellow pill and a small round pink pill and explained what they were. Finally, one of us came across a large, white, round pill. That was the headache relief!

I have been fortunate and never had to take much medicine. Now it seems that every time I turn around I think I need something else! I’m not sick and not unhealthy. Most things I seek are not prescription medications. Why bother? There are aches that weren’t there before, and pains that weren’t there before and stress that wasn’t there before. Getting old is rough!
Over Medicated Cartoon by Chato Stewart

I’m not the only one. Now, whatever is wrong, medication seems to be the answer. Unhappy? Take a pill. Can’t sleep? Take a pill. Tired? Take a pill! Maybe overmedicated is what is wrong. Because today there seems to be a pill for everything, I’ll go find a chill pill and make it through another day. That will have to do until they put wine in the break-room!
Chill Pill!

She goes running for the shelter of a mother's little helper,
And it helps her on her way, gets her through her busy day…

What do you do to relax? Playing with my yarn helps me relax. I knit or crochet just to do it. I like the repetition. That’s relaxing. I like the variety of texture and color. I like seeing the yarn turning from a single string into something. I like the idea that it’s not permanent. I can rip it out if I don’t like it. I can turn it into another project altogether.
This is just part of it!

It’s too hot where I live to really use what I make. But I just keep making. What is the limit? How much yarn is enough? How many scarves and shawls and blankets and sweaters can one person have?

Doctor please, some more of these!
Outside the door, she took four more…
What a drag it is getting old…


  1. I totally agree with you! Americans are so over medicated but for so many people that is all they want, a quick fix.

  2. I say we start a business that has wine in the break room. And chocolate.

  3. If they'd legalize marijuana the sceips for antidepressants would go way down!

  4. Don't you love that cute little chill pill!

  5. probably see evidence in the classroom. Seems it's a popular babysitter!

  6. @Miss Bee...if we had wine and chocolate I might actually like going to work! :)

  7. @SweetSugarBelle...I'm not against legalizing marijuana...but it would just make the obesity rate climb!

  8. @Brenda...I haven't made one but need to make us both one...or you can! ha ha