Saturday, March 24, 2012


Before I run far away 
I need to take a holiday.  
Maybe it's a fall from grace, 
I gotta find a new place... 

It was spring break, and because both my husband and I are employed in the field of education, we got a vacation. For the first time, my office actually closed. In the past, I took vacation to be off when my kids were. And for once my husband also had the full week off. Usually, his staff, even though the entire school is closed, is on duty for a few days. This year too, which isn’t always the norm, 80% or so of the state had the same week off for their spring break. The kids are grown and gone but that meant Evan didn’t have to go to school either!

So we loaded the truck, and with a startling resemblance to the Beverly Hillbillies, except for the rocking chair on top, headed out. I know you’re probably thinking I’ve exaggerated when I said we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies. But I assure you, I wasn’t kidding! We were already packed, with me and everything else in the back seat, because it was looking a bit rainy and the truck is, well, a truck, so anything outside might get wet, and an extra passenger. All was snug and we hadn’t yet added two car-seats, at least two more suitcases, assorted necessities, like toys, cookies, pillows, blankets, and of course, three littles. We stopped to gather them and finally, with ‘stuff’ piled in every possible place, everyone strapped in, three in front and three in back, we were really off. It was cozy. Let the break (?) begin!

And they loaded up the truck...
The trip to the mountain house in New Mexico, from our house in Texas, is about 300 miles. It takes about six hours and that’s with very few detours. We only stopped to drop our extra passenger off where everybody refreshed and we were on the road again. The littles are fairly good travelers. You learn to be when you live out here in the middle of nowhere.

I’m not sure what time we got to the house but it was snowing. Not just a little, either. It was really snowing. We unloaded and Alan went down the hill for supplies. One thing about the location of the mountain house; if the weather is bad there’s a really big possibility after going down you won’t be able to get back up the mountain. That is, if you can get down! Slipping and sliding, he made it down and back. I put some soup on and we settled in for the night.
Me in the snow

About 7 inches of snow.

What a view!
Pork 'n Bean soup...recipe on Family Flavorites Tab

The snow was beautiful. There was about 7 inches at the house. We made snow ice-cream the next day. The kids were going to make a snowman but it was really too cold! They went out and looked around then came back in for hot chocolate. I found a blanket, a book, and some knitting, and settled in on the couch! I was reading Mary Higgins Clark, “I’ll Walk Alone”. It deals with identity theft and kept me interested from the start until the end. By late afternoon the roads were clear enough to wander around and the temperature was starting to rise.
Reading and knitting...Mary Higgins of my favorite authors.
I had a birthday while we were there. Alan made me a cake. He baked it in a 9x9 square pan. I asked if he knew there was a 9x13 pan. I asked if he followed the high altitude directions. I got a blank stare so I guessed he didn’t! He and the kids took me to eat then we came back to the house for cake. I had a little help with the candles!
The birthday cake!

We had a good time, relaxing and just taking it easy. It’s nice to be away from the everyday stress of life!
Where's the snow?

Where the deer and the antelope play...

A new start 
I've broken too many hearts 
And I don't have any clue where to go 
I don't know 
But maybe I'll be back someday after my holiday 

I saw a cool thing on Pinterest. It was weaving on an old CD. I had a bunch so I gathered some yarn and took some CDs and the littles gave it a try. Evan really liked it. Belle could do it too and chanted, “Over, under, over, under” the whole time. Caleb did about two rounds and he was finished. He’d much rather play dinosaurs! But they turned out cute, don’t you think? Oh, and to show how behind I am...they didn't know what a CD was. It's a DVD Mamye!
Evan weaving...over, under, over, under
The little's projects! Here's more creative ideas!

A holiday.
I'll set off on a new chase.
I gotta see a new face.
I need to take a holiday...


  1. What a perfect vacation! The snow is gorgeous, you can't beat a Mary Higgins Clark book, and cake!!!

    I didn't know you had a birthday - hope it was a great one!

    And Larry wants to know if we can use your place. ;)

  2. @Miss Bee...Isn't Mary Higgins Clark the best? Thanks for the Bday wishes. And we can work something out on the place, I'm sure!