Friday, April 13, 2012

Evolution Orange...

Shining light,  
Now in sight.  
Evolution Orange. 
Wondrous flight,   
Now in sight.   
Evolution Orange. 

Oh boy! A present! With great anticipation she ripped the paper off and removed the lid. What was inside? Oh. Well. Um…thank you! That was so thoughtful! It’s an orange necklace! Bright orange! (Thinking…Kind of an ugly orange necklace at that.) A Joan Collins? Wow!
A Joan Collins! Thank you HSN!

Yes, that was me. And before you go thinking I’m an ogre, I did appreciate the thought. My mother kept things even if she didn’t like whatever it was, and even if she already had three. Why? Because it was a gift and someone put some thought (maybe) into getting it for you. So, because of my upbringing, I felt like I had to keep it. I just didn’t know what I was going to do with it!

I took it to show my fashion conscious work friend. We giggled. She liked it as much as I did. So I put it up where it stayed for about a year.
Maybe it will grow on me.

I like color. Actually I like all colors. But orange isn’t my favorite color. I don’t have a thing against orange. It makes me think of Halloween. I even have the right coloring to wear it if I want. But given a choice, I probably won’t choose orange. Bright orange is, well, cheerful. Like a clown.

Fast forward a year. Spring is in the air. Time for short sleeve shirts and bright colors! So shopping it is. I enter the store. What is the color of the season? Tangerine! Tangerine is just another word for orange in my book. It’s everywhere. I’m enveloped in a sea of orange! There are shoes, shirts, pants, jewelry…even underwear!
Tangerine? Orange? It's all the same to me!

Really, I’m just a little fashion conscious. And because I found something I liked, orangeish in color, I was feeling pretty stylish. I put together an outfit and accessorized! Well, actually, I got dressed, put on the orange shirt with something to tone it down and went looking for some kind of jewelry to wear. Lo and behold, there sat the ugly orange necklace! And it just matched!
This is the second shirt.

I wore gray, pants and a leopard print sweater and the orange shirt and necklace. I went to my fashion conscious work friend to ask a question and she got excited! “I love what you’re wearing! It’s perfect! And that necklace just matches! A great pop of color! Where did you find it?” she gushed. I gave her my Really??? look and told her it was the same one we’d made fun of last year. She said “Oh. Well it’s a lot better this year!!”

Feeling pretty good about it, I wore it again, this time with jeans. I happened to be with the person who gave it to me. She said, “Wow, I like your necklace. It just matches!” I said, “You gave it to me.” She looked at me and said, “I did?” She didn't have a clue. I gave her my Really??? look too. And I was worried?

So a couple of weeks pass and I have acquired another orangeish shirt. I wear it, and the necklace, in a completely different outfit, to work. I see my fashion conscious work friend. “Gee,” she said. “You wear that all the time now, don’t you?!”

Second shirt outfit.
Well, that might be the last time to wear it at work! Maybe, if the opportunity arises, I can put it on outside work, sometime. And maybe it will just go back where it was, resting; waiting for the next time Tangerine is the color of the season!

Just trust yourself.
Reach inside.
Have no hesitation,
Give no explanation.
You know who you are...
Evolution Orange. 

Oranges poranges, who says, there ain't no rhyme for oranges!” I feel silly. I realize I’ve been saying I don’t really love orange. But I do love autumn and fall colors. And guess what? Orange is right there in the middle of it all! Maybe it’s the mix. And guess what else? I dug out some orange yarn I had! It was a gift from my secret pal and it was just there when I was looking for something else so I took it as a sign!

I started a simple shawl. I think that’s actually the name of it. How about Small Shawl. But I think I’ll take it out. I seem to have that problem lately. I’ll re-do, but I want it lacier. So I’ll use a bigger needle.
Small shawl in a fuzzy orange yarn. See other great projects here!

I finished another book. By the way, I’m not reading a book a week like it seems. I read a few during spring break. I do have a book going all the time, but I don’t have that much time to just sit and read. And I do have knitting going all the time so I think it still counts. Anyway, it was a simple read and entertaining. Called “Bone Appétit” , it’s a who-dun-it, set at a beauty pageant. It’s by Carolyn Haines and is part of a series, Sarah Booth Delaney mysteries. I don’t think I’ve read any of her others. Anyway, it was enjoyable with a lot of action. Sarah even has a ‘ghost’ who advises her, but not in the normal way, to keep things interesting. I’d read another if I get a chance.
Knitting and reading...if I could only do both at once!

Orange you glad it’s Friday!? I am!

Just trust yourself.
Look ahead.
Feel the motion growing,
Love is where it's going.
This is where our real journey starts...
Evolution Orange.


  1. I have to say I LOVE your orange necklace. By itself, it might look TOO MUCH! But truly, it looks amazing on.
    Wear it on!

  2. @Ana BC...thank you! And I will admit I'm liking it more.

  3. Love it! And I can't even begin to bore you with how much orange entered into our weekend. Check out my last may give you a smile!

    1. On Patty! That is funny! I will admit to liking burnt orange--Texas Longhorns. So I can understand a little orange! ha ha

  4. Enjoyed reading as usual! I have a tangerine outfit that I've had for years. Yay. Finally this is the year to wear it.

    1. Thanks Bev! You need to get that stylish outfit ready to wear! Can't wait to see you this weekend!