Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rubber Duckie

You're the one…

I'm awfully fond of you!
I have a great bathtub. It’s an old fashioned claw foot that was rescued from an abandoned ranch house in New Mexico. The rancher gave permission, so my husband and his friend dug it out, loaded it on the truck and brought it home.

When we built our house, well, when he built our house, he put it in the bathroom off the master bedroom. He built a wooden box around it and lay down navy blue tile on top. It was something to see!

Despite the age of the tub, there was nothing at all wrong with it. There were no scars or hard water stains. It was smooth, white porcelain. Actually it is cast iron covered with porcelain. Did I mention the bathroom is upstairs? Yes, it was hard to get up there. And very heavy!

When I was at the hospital with baby number three, my husband got someone to spiff up the house so it would be nice for our homecoming. I don’t know what the lady used on the bathtub but it etched the porcelain. It also stained it in some places. Sad, but I still like it.

Since I have such an impressive tub, one of my favorite things to do is to take a bath. Specifically, I like bubble baths. I can get in the deep tub, have bubbles up to my chin, lean back and relax. Remember that old commercial, Calgon, take me away? Well, I don’t even need Calgon!
Got my toes in the water...

With a family and the busy schedule it includes, I was pretty much a shower girl. It was dash in, dash out, let’s get ready, and let’s go! Now that the kids are all gone I can take long baths if I want. I’ll light a scented candle or two, maybe pour a glass of wine, pick a book and escape. I can stay in ‘til my skin turns ‘pruny’.

There’s no swimming pool at our house. But when the littles come over a bath in Mamye’s tub is the next best thing! They have such fun, play cooking, swimming and making bubble beards. They don’t want to get out!
Rub a dub dub!

Playing in the bubbles.

Some people don’t like baths. But if you are a bath person and you haven’t had the time to take a leisurely bath lately, you might give it a try. Light a candle or two, grab a beverage and maybe a book. Get those bubbles going and get in. Sit back and relax. Enjoy the peace. Let it take you away.
Girls after my own heart!

Every day when I 
Make my way to the tubby…

I know I’ve said it before but I do the majority of my reading in the tub. I really can’t knit in there and I can’t sit still without doing something for too long. So I read (or kill Zombies on my phone!) But there’s always chance I could drop the phone in the water. That wouldn’t do! But if I dropped the book, oh well!
Murder, murder and more murder! I'm so predictable!
I managed to finish a couple more in the past couple of weeks. Both were murder mysteries. "Death of a Kitchen Diva" has new food writer Hayley Powell solving a murder of a rival food columnist before she takes the wrap! "Shakespear's Landlord" was a little dark at first with the main character having a hidden past. She's a loner but when her landlord is murdered and she's the prime suspect she has to prove her innocence before the real killer gets away. I am going to branch out and read something different…one of these days. But as long as my friend brings me the books I might as well read them!

I finished the Clapotis. Well, except for weaving in the ends. I didn’t have a proper soak so I tried shampoo, which I read would work. Well, it’s not a lot softer than it was. It’s not horrible by any means but I wouldn’t mind if it was a bit squishier! My friend Debi suggested I put it in the washing machine. I might.
Finished except the ends. I like it.
I started something else out of the same yarn. I won this yarn in a contest at Christmas. I got a lot. In fact, I didn’t even get it all and I have plenty! I wouldn’t have minded having some of it in different colors, but free is good so I won’t complain. The yarn is by Thomas Kvist and is mostly linen. Anyway, the new project is called Roberta’s Wrap and is an easy no seam vest/wrap. If I try I might be able to finish it soon.

Roberta's Wrap in progress.

Too bad I can’t knit in the tub. I’d be finished already!

You make bathtime lots of fun…


  1. That song always makes me smile - thank you x

  2. I love bubble baths! I am getting back into them, now that my life doesn't require that I have to make sure other people are ready and we all rush out the door.

    I think knitting in the bathtub would be awesome...

  3. ...and I meant to tell you that your clapotis is lovely.