Monday, July 30, 2012

People Are Strange

People are strange when you're a stranger... 

I was sitting in a swimming pool in Las Vegas recently, a girl’s trip. It was scorching, around 111 degrees, and the only available shade cost $15.00 an hour. Drinks were available for the mere sum of $14.00 but my friend and I decided it was easiest to just float around in the pool to try to stay cool. There were other people around, some splashing in the water, some soaking up the sun and some shelling out the $15.00 an hour to read a book or nap in the shaded lounge chair.

Cool blue water...
An elderly gentleman was water walking around the pool, stopping at different groups to converse. He meandered over to where my friend and I were reclining and asked if we minded if he stayed to talk a bit. We didn’t and he went into stories about what he had done for a living, what hiols interests were and so on. He asked questions of each of us and we answered to the extent we were comfortable. He had some interesting anecdotes and shared extensively.

View from the top...out our window
Eventually, both of us were losing interest but he continued the now one sided conversation. She exited the pool to sit on the edge and I inched toward the stairs. He stuck to us like glue. It took a while but he finally acknowledged he had lost both our attention and said he was going to lay out in the sun. I happened to glance down about that time and noticed that his toenails were polished black. To each their own, but I thought it was strange.
One of those high dollar umbrellas nobody can afford to use!
There was a family who lived behind us when I was growing up. It was a single parent household and the two kids living there were strange. I’ve said before how my mother made us be nice to the underdog kids, so, because these two, a brother and sister, fit the mold, my sister and I, more so me, because they were closer to my age, were nice. I spoke when they were outside and even walked to school with them occasionally.

Their mother passed away and an older brother and his family moved into their home and they lived together. The boy of the original kids who lived there, whom I thought was the odder of the two, would sometimes leave me little presents. It creeped me out but in the style of my mother, I thanked him and went on.

I proceeded to college in another town and he went into the Navy. I got a letter at school one day. How he obtained my address, I have no idea. He wrote about him being the mouse king of the world of cheese and I could be his queen and rule the kingdom. There were pictures of his ship, his bunk, the bathroom, the ceiling, you know, all the interesting places. I received a few more letters but I blew it off until one day he was lying in the bushes beneath the windows of my dorm, howling. He came inside the lobby to look for me but one of the more athletic in the girl’s dorm stopped him from climbing the stairs.

The campus police were called and the only thing they could do was to tell me to be careful, not to go out alone and watch out for him. Reassuring, to say the least. If he tried to hurt me (and I lived) then they could step in. He eventually went back home and all returned to normal. That is until he thought he was Superman and jumped out of the21st floor of a local hotel. Turns out he couldn’t fly. It was really sad and overall a very strange experience.

I was talking to a close friend recently and asked him if he had any strange people stories to share. He said, “Every one that I know is strange in some special way”. He is so right. I was reminded that it’s the strangeness that makes us each unique. And what is strange to me may be perfectly ordinary to you. There are extreme cases, like my poor neighbor, where it’s an illness instead of just an abnormality. What about the man with the pedicured piggies? Who knows? That might be perfectly acceptable where he comes from. Who am I to judge? Nobody.

When you're strange 
No one remembers your name... 

I wore my vest again this past week and got more compliments so it must not be too strange looking! In fact, I’m contemplating making another. Could I finish before fall? That’s the big question.

I started another project, my first ever top down sweater. It’s called Sassymetrical and I’m using some yarn my good friend Brenda spun. The yarn is beautiful but I’m really scared there won’t be enough. According to the pattern there is but I’m not a little girl and the lady who wrote the pattern is. But since I seem to gravitate towards the same colorways I think I can wing it enough so nobody will notice. Maybe. If not, I’ll chalk it up to experience and try again.

Top down Sassymetrical

Yarn my friend Brenda spun.


Wrapping up a great week, well, despite some airline adventure, but it would be strange if that didn’t happen to me, right? Hopefully it’s the start to another good week as well. I got some Chewy Sweet Tarts and some yarn to add to the bottom of my sweater so all is good. And I’ll eat all of the colors of candy except the green cause they are my favorite. Then I can eat them all at once. Is that strange?

The green ones are the best!

When you're strange 
Faces come out of the rain... 
When you're strange...


  1. What a sad creepy story of the weird boy next door. Mental illnesses are horrible horrible diseases.

    Now about the candy. The other day I bought some candy, and it had all the cherry flavor together, all the watermelon together, and all the grape together. That bothered me that I wasn't going to have randomness in my candy eating. So I understand. :)

  2. I had his letters and a grad student borrowed them as they were a textbook example of schizophrenia. I didn't get them back. He was fine when he took his medicine I was told. He just wouldn't stay on the meds. Very sad.

    I confess...I sort my candy. But I don't usually eat all of one kind. I mix them. Except for the green chewy sweettarts!

    1. I sort candy too, but then eat one from this pile, one from the next pile. I usually save the ones I like best for last. See perfectly normal. :)

  3. I sort my food too...But I'm CDO that way...

    1. Kinda like OCD but the letters are in the right order!! I can relate!

  4. ARE YOU TELLING THE TRUTH? That is one of the most awesome stories I've ever heard. Tragic, of course, but WOW!!!!!