Saturday, September 25, 2010

Here Comes Trouble Again

I better act carefully.
She knows what she's doing to me
And she makes it look so easy.

She’s mad and it’s all because she won’t share that yarn stuff.

My mom has the coolest things. I just can’t wait to get hold of it when she’s not looking! I know she got me some giant bones and some Bit O Honeys. And dad will give me a bite of whatever he’s eating. But it’s so much more fun to play with their stuff and put it in my mouth. Dad forgets and forgives pretty easily. I have to be careful though because sometimes it makes her mad!

One time mom had some really cool shoes. I could toss them and catch them. I could chew on them and it hardly even showed. I loved those shoes. And I couldn’t believe she was upset when I ate one. It was an accident. And it did have a hole in it so what good was it? I guess she was so mad she threw them away because I can’t find them anywhere! I found these green slippers though, and they taste pretty good.

I like to chew paper. I don’t eat it, but sometimes it smells good and I think maybe I can taste whatever it was they had for supper on it. I try not to scatter is all around but it’s so much fun chewing and ripping it up that I just get carried away and before I know it there’s a mess. If I bring my chew bone in and roll it around on the paper it tastes so much better. Occasionally I can find one of those cap things dad wears. He’ll leave it in his chair and while he’s not looking I’ll get it and try to put it on. I’d look so good! But I seem to have a little trouble getting it on my head. It gets stuck in my mouth and they think I’m chewing on it. It was just setting in my mouth when my teeth shut.

I found a plastic card once. I wanted to see how it works. I know dad uses it to buy things. I was just holding it. But I guess I held it too hard because the end was kind of chewed up.

The little guys are a lot of fun. They have toys! They play and are having such a good time I just want to join in. So I’ll get a toy so we can share. But they all start screaming because they think I’m going to eat it! Then it’s gone and I can’t play anymore. On a really lucky day I can share the pacifier with the baby girl. She has more than one so it doesn’t hurt her to share. But she always wants the one I have, even if she has another one! Not fair! I have to give it back.

My favorite is that stuff my mom is always playing with. She pokes it with sticks and it grows! It’s soft and fluffy. If she forgets and leaves the yarn room open I hurry in and get me some. I want to learn how to poke those sticks and make the yarn grow! But mom won’t share. She always takes that stuff away from me and she looks at me with mean eyes and says, “No more yarn!” Sometimes I get so happy it scatters all over the floor. That’s when she really gets huffy! And she still takes it away.
I had fun!

She fixed it
One time I found one of her sticks. I was going to see if I could find some of that yarn stuff to poke. I carried it around looking. I didn’t find any and I guess I got a little excited because somehow the end of that stick got chewed off. I thought I’d really blown it. I tried to let her pet me. I even licked her but this time she was really mad. She wouldn’t talk to me for a whole day!
The chewed stick

Now, I’m careful. I have to be fast if I want to get some of that yarn. I watch her so see if she forgets and leaves some out. If I’m lucky I find some. But I treat it nice and don’t chew it into pieces. And I try not to scatter it too much! I’m still looking for another one of those sticks. I know I’ll get my chance some day! And if mom gets mad I’ll just give her one of my cute puppy looks and she’ll get over it. Eventually.

Me as a cookie. My sister made it!
She's a pistol pointed at me
Smoking from her head to her feet.
Packing the heat
She's lethal,
With a license to kill.

I’m almost at the halfway mark for my knitayear! Seems like it went pretty fast. Day 174, September 21, I’m feeling pretty sharp. I was just at work but I knew the answers to all my calls and jobs today. Sure helps make the day better. I chose a hot pink yarn that is part of a bright colored yarn I used for a summer scarf. Day 175, September 22, I had to go to Marfa. It’s a nice drive, taking about 3 hours. I met with a couple of people and listened to what they needed. I was attentive and able to help with their problem. I have some green yarn, variegated of course, that is going to be a shawl someday. I used some of this because it looked like the scenery on the trip. It’s pretty out there. September 23, day 176, I got to talk to an old friend. It seemed just like the old days. I was nostalgic and it actually made my day a lot brighter. I had a short piece of a blue mohair multi strand yarn. This short piece was perfect because even though it felt like old times I know it isn’t. Day 177, September 24, I was satisfied to get so much done at the office. I’m not ahead, but I’m not as behind as I was! I chose a maroon sock yarn. September 25 was Saturday. It was day 178 and I worked around the house. I was industrious and even though there is so much to do you’d probably not be able to see I did a thing, I did. The yarn is silver and gold but combined looks like an animal print, not metal. One thing is silver and the other gold. And it all comes out in the end. Well, got to pick up something Junior messed up! Dumb dog.

Here comes trouble again.
I better act carefully…


  1. Very entertaining. Loved the antics of your dog!

  2. Funny post! I love it. How can you stay mad at a cutie like that.

  3. Thanks! He manages to sneak some of my best yarn! It's a good thing I like him! ;)