Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who Died and Made you King of Anything

Who cares if you disagree?
You are not me
Who made you king of anything?
So you dare tell me who to be?
Who died and made you king of anything?

I walk through the day and I hear any number of self proclaimed experts telling me how to live my life. I can find someone to tell me how to dress, what car to drive, what to eat and what insurance to buy. If I try this or buy that my life will improve immensely.
I hear expert information on television. I hear it on satellite radio where there aren’t supposed to be any commercials. I hear it at work. I even hear it at the grocery store.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That’s how we live in America. It’s a democracy and we have the freedom of choice. I’ve never lived anywhere else and wouldn’t choose to, mainly because of that guaranteed freedom. Can your opinion cause you to become so self righteous and self assured that you can never be wrong? I think that’s a possibility.

I had a problem the other day. It was something I know how to do. It wasn’t working correctly. I explained the situation to someone who was supposed to offer help and support in this type of situation. Then the questions started.

Him: Did you push the buttons?
Me: Yes, I did.
Him: Did you have a blank field? It only works in a blank field.
Me: Yes, I was in a blank field. And I pushed the buttons.
Him: Did you push the right buttons? There are different buttons that do different things.
Me: Yes, I know that AND I used the correct buttons.
Him: Well, that’s never happened to me. You must be doing something wrong.
The end.

Was my problem solved? No. But the self proclaimed expert decided I was doing something wrong and the system was correct. Maybe I was doing something wrong. But the opinion was, without any visible facts of the situation, that I had to be the one wrong and something couldn’t be wrong with the system. Was it even checked? No. The opinion? I’m right and you are wrong.

Maybe the problem I have is with authority in general. I appreciate your opinion. I really do. And I will view it with an open mind. I can’t tell you the things I’ve learned from listening to what someone else thinks. Things I might have never thought of otherwise. But when you proclaim it’s your way or the highway, no questions asked, I will rebel. It irritated me to no end when I was in school, to receive an assignment with directions including the phrase “what you think”. I always knew it didn’t matter what I thought. If I didn’t think what the so-called correct answer was, it wasn’t right. So why even ask? I often wonder about weird things as well. Who decided green is green? Why isn’t green blue? Who had the authority to make that decision? Who?

I realize there is a difference in opinion and a rule. Rules are set, whether you agree or disagree, to make things run smoothly and to keep things safe. Some rules don’t bother me. Some bother me a lot. And for the most part I conform. We need rules to keep things aligned. I just read a blog about smuggling knitting needles onto airplanes. It’s pretty much legal on airlines nowadays, but the TSA always has the last say. I would never try something like that. I wouldn’t chance getting arrested just to knit on an airplane!

I was at a knitting group one time a long time ago where a beginner knitter was working on a project. One of the more experienced people came along and watched. Immediately she said, “You are doing that wrong. This is the way to do it.” She took the knitting and ripped it back to the beginning. The beginner was crestfallen. I watched her self-esteem unravel along with the yarn. Her hard work and concentration destroyed! All because someone decided that the way to do things is her way, the only way. Newsflash: There isn’t a right way to knit! Your own way is the right way! You have to hold the needles and the yarn in a way that’s comfortable for you. Granted you knit and you purl, and those are definite stitches, but the technique getting there can be diverse and varied.

As Joan Rivers says, can we talk? Tell me what you think. Express your opinion. I’m ready to listen. And I’ll expect the same courtesy. I may learn something. And I have no problem agreeing to disagree. Besides, I already know that I’m right!
You’ve got opinions, man
We’re all entitled to ‘em, but I never asked.
So let me thank you for your time, and try not to waste anymore of mine
And get out of here fast

Day 159, September 6 was the day we came back from hunting in Stamford. It was the end of a good weekend and we took E home and the kids were all over us. It gives you a warm feeling to be so loved. I picked a pink rug yarn. It was a rosy feeling and pink suited the day. Day 160, September 7, is a day to be thankful. It’s my beautiful baby girl’s birthday. She’s grown now with babies of her own but she’ll always be my baby. I picked orangey boucle because it reminds me of her. I made curtains and pillows and all for her bedroom in gingham that was that color. She hates that color but it still reminded me of her. September 8, day 161 is a busy day. There are meetings and lots of stuff to catch up on. I chose a pink, white and blue acrylic. The colors are bright and remind me of a busy time. Day 162, September 9, was a day of reflection. I chose a light purple velour. There are a lot of conflicting thoughts right now. Day 163, September 10, I accomplished quite a bit. I chose a variegated ticker tape that is orange, turquoise, and purple. It knits up very nicely and reminds me of royalty. When I get things done I feel like a queen. September 11 is day 164. It’s a good day. We got green chili and put it up. 137 quarts in all. That’s a lot! I was pleased and chose a hot pink yarn. Day 165 September 12 was a trip to Austin I was dreading. But I was pleasantly surprised and had a good time. We went shoe shopping and that’s always fun! The yarn today was a green, turquoise, and yellow cotton. It’s fun colors and surprising how it works up together. Finally, it’s day 166, September 13. It was a day of training but I feel like I know a lot more. I chose white boucle, which seemed bright, like I felt today. I was in the middle of a battle of wills, but I knew it and stayed neutral. I have learned a bit of diplomacy. I’m glad I’m strong enough to disagree. And I’m smart enough to I know I’m not the king of anything, without someone having to tell me!
Who cares if you disagree?
You are not me
Who made you king of anything?
So you dare tell me who to be?
Who died and made you king of anything?


  1. WOW!! I love that blogpost! I feel like that a lot and I asked my husband if green is really green and how we know it? ANd if "my blue" is the same as "his blue"... I think those are legitimate questions!!!

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! :) And happy Followers appreciation day!

  2. Hello!
    Great post, by the way. I feel the exact same, I can't stand naysayers and people who think "it's my way or the highway". Self righteousness is a bad quality in people.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've added you to my reader list :)