Monday, September 6, 2010

I Keep Looking...

Well, the straight haired girls,
They all want curls.

And the brunettes wanna be blonde…

If I only had a brain…or a heart or a nerve…It seems to me that almost everyone wants something they can’t or don’t have. I hear conversations everywhere with wishes for something. If I lived in a bigger town I could do more. If I had a better car I could get to work faster. If I dyed my hair, had a better job, had more time…and the list goes on.

I’m guilty as well. I often wish I could lose weight then turn around and eat a piece of candy. I wish I could organize my yarn room but I go home and sit in front of the computer. I’d like to start a new project but because I haven’t taken the time to organize my yarn room I can’t find the yarn I’m looking for. I finally find the yarn but can’t find the right needles. Eventually I find the needles. Now, where is that pattern again?

 I can change the situation. I can go home, get supper ready then work in my yarn room. Even if it is just ten or fifteen minutes it would be progress. If I kept it up I could make a change. I would eventually organize my yarn. I’d find all my needles and have the patterns on hand. But I don’t.

As I think about the conversations I hear; If I made more money, if I had gone to college, if I had straight hair, I realize that if I’m in charge of my life, then those who are complaining are also in charge, to a large extent, of their lives as well.

Think how productive we’d all be if we could be happy with what we have. If we take the initiative and work on the things we aren’t happy with, instead of wishing and complaining, change will happen.

There’s an old saying that goes something like this:
“I once complained that I had no shoes, but then I met a man who had no feet.”

Maybe we should take the time and reflect on the good things that we have. Maybe I should take the time. I have many things to be thankful for. I have many things to be happy about. I have a good house to live in. I have three great kids and one exceptional son-in-law! I have three smart, cute and loving grandkids. I have enough money to buy the yarn that is in my unorganized yarn room. I have a choice. It’s time for me to stop looking behind the number two door and take charge. It’s time to appreciate what I have.
It's your typical thing,
You got ying you want yang.
It just goes on and on.

I always wonder what's on the other side
Of the number two door…

Well, I keep looking for yarn to add to my knitayear! It goes on and on. Day 154, September 1, is a day of learning. New duties at work with no instruction, not the bosses fault. I chose Lion homespun in a purple/white/dark blue. It reminded me of the sky and how the clouds could pass by and the sky was still blue. I’ll get this down. Day 155, September 2 was great. I took the day off and went to get my oil changed. Piddled around and did what I wanted. It was a very much needed good day! I chose a sparkly red. It reminded me of a celebration and that’s what I did. September 3, Day 156, I’m ready to get out of town. It’s a holiday and we are going to a friend’s house so Alan can hunt dove. It’s taking FOREVER to get everything together and leave. We pick up Evan in Odessa and we are off. I chose an off white Lion homespun. It’s fluffy and just made me happy. Day 157, September 4 is another good day. I’m teaching my friend’s wife to knit and she’s taking to it like a fish to water. She’s really doing a good job and likes it too! 

Brand new knitter!
I chose a pom pom yarn, green and purple, because it’s fun. I’m working on something with it right now and it’s soft and squishy. The weekend has been like that so far. September 5, day 158, is Sunday. It’s almost time to go home. Evan has been a doll and had a blast. Got to see good friends and get to know others, enjoying the hospitality and the time together. I felt hospitable as well, because I was comfortable. I chose another Lion homespun, this time turquoise and yellow. One of my favorite colors in that yarn. I don’t think they make it anymore. It invited me to use it for today. All in all, a great weekend and holiday. I’m sure I’ll keep looking to see what else is out there. And I’ll want something else because it is the human thing we do. But I’m very lucky with what I have.
They say, hey, it's only human
To never be satisfied.
Well I guess that I'm as human as the next one,
I keep looking,
Looking for something more.
Oh, looking for something more.

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