Monday, January 3, 2011

And You'll Be Bright…

All the things you'll love,
All the things that may hurt you,
All the things you shouldn't do,
And all the things you want to...
They're calling your safely.

It’s the New Year and everybody is thinking about resolutions. We all want to improve or change ourselves or something we do. It’s a tradition. But I’ve decided I won’t make any resolutions. Not big resolutions anyway. Why? Because I think I’d only be setting myself up for failure. Instead of posting a list of things I most likely won’t accomplish I decided to try something new.

I’m not being negative. I’m being realistic. But sometimes I can be negative. That’s something I do want to work on. I have a friend, “Miss B”, who is the most positive person I’ve ever known. When the sky is full of clouds she finds the rainbow. So, I’m going to try to be like her when I grow up!

I’ve also decided I’ll do little things. I’ll call them “mini”loutions. I might choose to drink 8 glasses of water. Just today. I’m not going to say I’ll do it for the whole year. But I could do it for one day. Or maybe I’ll eat more fruits and vegetables. Today. I really think I can master little resolutions. That’s not to say I’m not going to try to lose weight, become more organized, and spend more time with friends and family. Isn’t that what the top resolutions usually are? But I’m not going to resolve to do all that then not make the grade.

I’ll also take things in stride. And I’ll look for the bright spot in whatever happens. If you look hard enough you can usually find something. Isn’t that right “Miss Bee”?

This may not be the year I grow up but I’m going to give it a shot anyway. Not everyday. Just sometimes. And who knows? I might like it so much I’ll keep doing it!

What comes will come.
What goes will go.
The wind will blow where the wind is blowing.
Let go of where you think you're going.
We'll never know why it flows where it's flowing.

It’s the last strip of the knityear project! It didn’t seem to take so very long. Or maybe it’s just that time seems to pass faster the older you get. Anyway, it’s a new strip, kind of fitting, since it starts on the first day of the new year. And since it’s the New Year I’m optimistic that it’s going to be a good one. It’s day
276, January 1, 2011. It’s going to take some time to get that down! I picked a yarn that’s pink and green with a gold sparkle through it. It’s peaceful but has the sparkle of the new year, new beginning. Day 277 is January 2. I’m sick. It’s probably whatever Callye and the kids had. Coughing and congestion. I’ve just been laying around all day. Have to feel better because I have to go to work tomorrow. I picked green Paton’s grace. I’m feeling pretty green today! And here it is, the end of vacation. It’s Day 278, January 3. I’m really reluctant to go to work. It will be okay when I get there. I think I’m just ready to retire and not work for a while. But then what else would I do? I picked maroon worsted. Just kind of there.

I did do a couple of things during vacation though, besides cook, clean and wrap presents! I made a Loop D’ Loop scarf. (Ravelry link) It was fun and it’s really kind of cute. I used a skein of novelty yarn, a ribbon with a gold sparkle.
Wrapped three times.

Wrapped double.

I liked it so well I made another in some crazy psychedelic colors.
Spread out
I also finished Ty’s scarf and made a cowl out of some white and blue I got at Tuesday Morning. So I was a little bit productive in a fun way! I’m ready for the year. What comes will come and what goes will go. And I’ll be bright.
Ty's scarf
Blue and white cowl. Better picture later.

We've always been what we will always be.
I'm so convinced we have to get there, we can part the sea.
So bring the dead to life, turn your blood to wine.
All your life you have waited for this moment to arrive.

And you'll be bright.


  1. Aw - you're sweet! I'm actually not ALWAYS positive, but I just try to "fake it 'til I make it!" I just figure it is easier to be happy than to be unhappy.

    And I LOVE your mini-lutions! I think I will steal this idea...I have to start thinking of which ones I'm going to do. I think tomorrow I will do the 64oz. of water. I'll call it "Water Wednesday." I can do it at least once a week, right?

  2. Mini-lutions, a great idea. I must admit to being guilty of making loads of resolutions & failing miserably a few weeks later. Love your scarves, you've been very productive!

  3. @ Rachel...You can do it! It's just one day a week.

    @ Sinéad...I can relate. I can do it for a couple of weeks then I'll get off track then I'll just end up giving up. Maybe I can do a mini!