Thursday, April 29, 2010


Is makin' me late,
Is keepin' me waitin'...

Well, that and the dryer! I’m waiting for some clothes to dry so I can finish packing for the WHIBSIB weekend. WHIBSIB stands for what happens in Buda stays in Buda. Buda is a little town or maybe a suburb I guess, of Austin. Every year a bunch of us meet. It’s always called WHIBSIB whether it’s actually in Buda or not!

It’s a ladies weekend. No kids, no husbands and no dogs! We all have a common interest and that’s yarn. We all know how to knit. Some know how to crochet as well. Some spin, some weave and some dye yarn. We have a lot of fun. Besides yarn things we visit, play and shop. We also have wine but friends don’t let friends knit drunk!

The strangest thing about the weekend is how we all met. Of course some people were friends and knew each other but most of us met through the Internet. We have a knitting listserv and know each other online. I felt a little odd the first time I went. I was going to meet a bunch of strangers who said they were knitters. How did I know? I didn’t. I went on good faith and spent the weekend with a bunch of strangers who have become my friends.

Now when I go I’m excited to see my old friends and anxious to meet new ones. I look forward to seeing new yarn, petting people’s projects and maybe even learning something! I want to see the yarn my roommate has been spinning. I want to see the weaving projects another friend created. I want to see the new sweaters and shawls and scarves. I want to relax and enjoy a fun weekend without anything work related tied to it. I’ll miss the people who can’t come but I’ll be happy to see the Internet strangers who have become my friends. And I’ll remember another WHIBSIB!

My knit a year has almost become one month old! I was so tired Wednesday I chose a gray with a little sparkle. It’s Moonlight Mohair so I thought it was fitting. For Thursday I found some orphan yarn called Ci Ci that looked bright and happy. I couldn’t imagine why I had it in the first place but then remembered it was pretty with a wool yarn in a felted piece. It’s happy colors! I just heard the dryer so I’d best get packing.

We can never know about the days to come, but we think about them anyway, yay.
And tomorrow we might not be together. I'm no prophet and I don't know nature's ways. So I'll try and see into your eyes right now and stay right here 'cause these are the good old days…

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