Monday, April 12, 2010

Don’t You Remember A Long Time Ago…

I saw an Iris in bloom today and was reminded of my Grandmother. We had to call her Grandmother. Granny, Nanny, Gram…no, nothing else would do.

My sister and I used to spend time in the summer with Granddaddy and her at their farm in West Texas. It was surrounded by cotton fields and fruit trees. There were grape vines and all kinds of garden produce. The backyard was a patchwork quilt of flowers. Anywhere there could be a flower there was a flower. Day Lilies and Iris were Grandmother’s favorites and her specialty. She would let us pollinate and cross pollinate the day lilies in hopes a great flower would be created. The Iris would bloom and multiply, seemingly free will. People would come from all over the state to see her flowers and buy her bulbs. For many years Texas Tech University had Grandmother’s flowers on the grounds. There may still be some there.

She taught me to knit. Looking back, it was most likely in desperation to make me be quiet! But she taught me many things besides knitting. She read us stories and poems from the Childcraft books. To this day I can still recite some of the poems. She sang songs. When she didn’t know the last words she sang la la la. She showed us how to cook and sew. She taught us to play the piano and because she was always making some little something, instilled a love for creating in both my sister and I. She had time for us.

Grandmother’s first love was crochet. She made intricate doilies and won many prizes at the county fair. She was a good cook known for her Chiffon cake that she took to all of the community events. After raising her family she went to college. She graduated and became a teacher. She taught English and wrote a published book of poetry.

Grandmother was a lady. It took many years for me to realize all that she gave me. I miss her saying Christmas Eve Gift and lighting a candle on Christmas. I miss carrot and raisin salad and banana milkshakes. I miss the songs and the stories before bed. I miss dressing up to go to town. I hope she knows I thank her for all she did for me. I hope she knows I miss her and I love her.

Knit a year has been going well. I’m really enjoying it. The drive back to San Antonio had more wild flowers. It was a nice day and nice trip and I had sunshine in my heart. I added a yellow yarn. Saturday was the last day of class for my interns. We ate lunch together and had a nice time. There was a birthday party Saturday night. It was a beautiful day and a nice night. I chose a spring green with white flowers in the yarn for spring and for margaritas! Sunday was a blue day. It was a day with a lot of thinking, about some things, not so good. I chose a blue to fit the mood. Today I had two classes with the Texas Tech doctors. It was a good day. I chose a purple and gold yarn, called Iris, for Iris flowers and for Grandmother.

And when they were dead, the Robin so red,
Brought strawberry leaves and over them spread.
La la la la la, la la la la la. La la la la la la la la la la…


  1. Nice, nice post. And your Knit a Year piece is coming along swell. Fun, isn't it?

  2. Thank you! I really am enjoying the Knitayear project.